Episcopal Will 1702 book 2, Michael, John Quayle

The following marriage contract was accepted as will of John Quayle
KK Michael
Articles of marriage concluded condescended and agreed uppon betweene John Kelly ^of the pish of KK Michael
and his wife Marry Kelly als Quaile for and in behalfe of their daughter
Jane Kelly one the on partie : and John Quayle and his wife Bahie
Quaile als Cannell of the same pish for and in the behalfe of their son
William Quayle one the other prtie as followeth

First the said younge cupple : Wm and Jane is to meatte at the pish church of S+ Mich[last word very dark + edge of paper decayed]
[Mich]:aell at or before the 25th of this month : and there to be joyned together
in the holy estaet of matrimonie Gods lawes and holy church prmittinge
the same : In the paine and forfeiture of twenty pounds sterl the
one half to the Honrble lord of the soile and the other halfe to thee ptie

2ly It is concluded and agreed upon that the Sd Jo: Kelly and his wiffe Marrie doe hear
promise and oblige them selves to give to their sd daughter Jane Kelly wth
the sd Wm Quaile in portion or dowry the full and just sume of nine
pounds of lawfull moneys or moneys worth to be paid to the sd: young
cupple within the tyme and space of five yeares next after the date

3ly It is concluded and agreed upon that the sd John Quayle and his sd []
doe hereby bind and oblige themselves to give to the sd younge cupple []
they please to take it halfe of all their lands with halfe of their t[eame]
of oxen with halfe of their crop of corne and halfe of all []
belonginge to the workinge of the lands and halfe of all their goods mov[eable]
and unmoveable whatsoever : and the other halfe of the said lands []
crop of corne and geares with the other halfe of all their goods mov[eable]
and unmoveable to returne to the sd youngee cupple at the latter day of []
^logest liver of the^ sd John Quayle and his sd wife Bahie and for true prformance of all []
singular these prmisses both parties hath caused their names to be written
there unto joyne their markes the 13th day of May 1693
witnesses hereunto       John Kelly his mrk
Jo: Caine his mrk        Marrie Kelly her mrk
Wm Kelly his mrk         Bahie Quaile as Canell
Jo Kaighin mrk           Wm Quaile his mrk
                         Jane Kelly her mrk
Note the above Jo: Kelly promissed twenty shills
to the above mentioned Jo: Quaile []
of his bargaine to the above young
the nine pounds promissed to the
witnesses hereof
John Cain X
Wm Kelly W
Wm Quaile X
William [] x


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