Episcopal Wills 1701/2 Braddan, of Christopher Fitzsimmons

(from MM EW27 / LDS 0991715 )

Christopher Fitzsymons departed this life
about the 26th of May last intestate
whereof the court having intelligence hath
decreed his next relations admrs of all his
goods moveable & immoveable whatsoever
But none of them appearing either at the
last or this court, the custody of his effects
is committed to his relict Ellin Fitzsymons
who is sworn in court in form of law & hath
given in pledge for the forthcoming of his sd
goods Rich Killey & John Hendrick.
A legacy is also decreed to the widow upon sight
of the inventory
Decretum est & solvit 3s 4d
Salvo tam unique suo jure
Deductions out of inventory
itt for funeral charges 3 1 1 .5
itt court fees 3 4d
itt wife's legacy 15 0d


Then follows a letter of attorney - unfortuneately not always in a clear hand (x = unclear letter(s))

Know all men by these presents that we Matthew
Fitzsymons of bally [nenspeat ?] in the parish of Rathmullen ?
in the Kingdom of Irland and Thomasin [? blotted] Fitzsymons, Mary
Fitzsymons, Sara Fitzsymons a fxxxxe xxxxe asigned ordained
and made and in our stead and place put and
constituted our trusty and well beloved brother Rich:
Fitzsymons to be our true and lawfull attorney for us and
in our name shead and plaixx and for our use to ask sue
for and xxeny require rexxxrer and receive of all & every
person whatsoever wthin the Isle of Mann all and every
such debts rents and arrears of rents sum or summes of
money xxxxx due to us belonging or appertaining unto us or
either of us by any wayes meanes whatsoever and more particularly
of our sister in law Elinor Fitzsymons of Douglas
in the Isle aforesd : and our brother decd: Rich Fitzsymons of the
same all and every such sum or sums of money rents or xxxxx
of rents due to us ....

then several pages of acknowledgements etc - tba



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