Episcopal Wills 1701 Malew, of William Harley

(from MM EW27/ LDS 0991715 )

In the name of God Amen. I William Harley of
Castletown being by a long continuance of a distemper
brought to a bodyly weakness & faintness of spirits, but
(by the great blessing & mercy of God) without any bodyly
pains otherwise, or decay of understanding; do make this
my last will and testament, revoking all former
wills by me heretofore made if any shall be foubd.
First I commend my soul unto ye hands of Almighty
God, as of a faithfull creator, wch I humbly &
devoutly bessech him mercyfully to accept, looking upon
it, not as it is in itself (infinitely polluted wth sin)
but as it is redeemed & purgd wth the precious blood
of his only beloved son & my most sweet saviour
Jesus Christ, in confidence of whose merits and
mediation alone it is that I cast myself at his
feet for pardon of all my sins & in hopes of eternal
life and endless glory.
And as for my corruptible body wch shall be changed;
I bequeath it to the earth whence it was taken to be
decently buried, Itm to my children William, Mary,
Jane, Betty, Thomas & Charles  I bequeath them
6d a piece legacy; not that I do this out of any
unnatural disposition to any of ym as being disobedient
but out of the tender regard I have for my dear
wifes happyness after I am gone. Therefore
to tt end tt no person or persons of one []
[] pretending any claim to it []
do hereby take their pretence by leaving them 6d.
& lastly I ordain entrust & appoint my wife the
executor of all my goods
17 Sept 1701
Charles Piggott
John Qualtrough
13 Nov 1701 probatum est

In Salary and pensions for 1700 noted that Wm Harley in Dublin paid a soldier (? as a substitute)



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