Archideaconal Will 1701 #30 Arbory, of Nelly Norris ,

dated 18 January 1701/2 at top: "KK Arbory, January 18th or thereabout 1701/2: The last will and testament of NELLY BEEMACBAN[? Bemachan (or Bymacen is the site of the one time Friary in Arbory owned by the Norris family] (ALIAS) NORRIS who was sick in body, but of perfect memory.
Imprimis, she left to her HUSBAND WILLIAM NORRIS half a cow legacy.
Item, she left a choice petticoat to JOHN CREER'S WIFE, and other petticoat to WILLIAM QUALTROUGH'S WIFE.
Item, she left a double kerchief to CATHARINE SHIMMIN and a quoiffe to ISABEL CUBBON.
Item, she left a sheet to WILLIAM QUALTROUGH.
Item, she left a quarter of a heifer to QUALTROUGH'S SON.
She left 6d legacy to her SISTER'S SON WILLIAM KAGEEN in Ballasalley, and cut all the rest to sue for anything with 6d legacy. Item, she left 3 kishans of corn to WILLI KEIGG.
Item, she nominated appointed and ordained her HUSBAND WILLIAM NORRIS executor of all her goods moveable and immoveable.
Item, she left to the minister 1s.
Testes: William Keig, Margt Creeghan, jurati.

THE EXECUTOR SWORN in form of Law. Probatum est et Solvit 1s. Pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies in form of Law, Mr. Henry Norris & James Maddrell.

The registers for Arbory for this period are deficient so burial date not certain.





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