Archdeacon Wills 1699/1700,

Presentment dated 18 January 1699/1700, Lezayre, between William Corlet and William Crow:

"At a Consistory Court held at KK Xt Lezaire, Jan: the 18th 1699: The controversy depending betwixt WILLIAM CORLET and WILLIAM CROW both of the parish of KK Christ Lezaire touching upon a certain parcel of Intack Land formerly a part or member of and tenement of Glanduff, and now in the holding and possession of WILLIAM CURLET; being this day hard and declared in Court; It xxxx after perusal of all papers, and what other allegations has been xxx both side, that the tith of the said parcel has been constant to be by the occupants of Glanduff in kind for about thirty years, and xxx xxx the rest of their prescription, as has been acknowledged before Mr. Xxxx CHRISTIAN by the possessor of the said parcel, as appears by a xxx paper or writing produced in Court, bearing date the 29th of August 1670. And whereas the said WILLIAM CROW offered to put an end to the xxx in the xxx of the Consistory Court held in this place to the said WILLIAM CURLETT either to produce his bargain xxx that there was no reserve for the said tith made in the said Bargain, the said WILLIAM CURLET had the limitation of those weeks allowed xxx do the same; and that the said WILLIAM CURLET has offered nothing in the xxx half. The Court therefore finding the right of the said tith in Controversy did belong to the said WILLIAM CROW as chief proprietor, and presuming the same was excepted in the Bargain or sale, since the said WILLIAM has not produced the same xxxx xxx, and accordingly ordered the said tithes be paid in kind for the future. And for the year the said WILLIAM CURLET has made use of the said tith, the said WILLIAM CURLET is to make satisfaction for the same upon oath. To which the said WILLIAM CURLET refuse to yield due obedience, he is by the Sumner or soldier to be committed into St. Germans prison, there to remain till he submit to Law. Dat ut Supra. [signed] Tho Sodor & Man, Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr."




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