Archdeacon Wills 1699/1700, dated 28 Feb 1699/1700, Lezayre,

Presentment of Edward Gawn who deflowered Grace Casement:

"Wherein it appears unto us that GRACE CASEMENT hath been deflowered by EDWARD GAWN of KK Christ Rushen, and the said GRACE her relations suing for the benefit of xxxx against the said EDWARD provided on such cases; xxxxx appearing unto us that there is due to the xxxx by the death of her FATHER 10 pounds, and by the death of her BROTHER THOMAS 5 pounds now in the hands of xxxx ELIZABETH CASEMENT of the Kelley; xxxxx on xxx xxx which her STEPFATHER WILLIAM CROW has obliged himself to give her, with what her MOTHER & XXX MRS. ELIZABETH CASEMENT will be pleased to add to xxx she hath by her own industry which she affirms worth 40 shillings; It is therefore hereby ordered the said EDWARD GAWN shall according to xxx either marry her the said GRACE CASEMENT or pay her the like valuable portion above mentioned if he refuse to do, then the Sumner of the xxx is required to commit him the said EDWARD GAWN to St Germans prison there to remain till he submit to Law and pay all fees; and if the Sumner xxx xxx, he is to desire the assistance of a soldier from xxx next garrison: Dated this 28th February 1699/1700.

To the Sumner of KK Christ Rushen. [signed] Tho. Sodor & Man, Sam:Watleworth. WHEREAS I EDWARD GAWN now prisoned xxx Castle am by Law required either to marry GRACE CASEMENT or to endow her with the like pxxxx and her friends have offered to secure unto mxxx seventeen pounds at least or the value xxx in regard that I conceive my marriage xxx said GRACE CASEMENT will not be to my dxxxx comfort, I do the rather comply to an xxx and agreement with the said GRACE CASEMENT xxxx willing to accept; Be it therefore known by those presents that I the foresaid EDWARD GAWN do xxx oblige myself, my executors and administrators to pay the said GRACE CASEMENT her executors administrators and assigns the full and just sum of ten pounds xxx moneys at one entire payment at upon or xxx the second day of February which shall be xxx of our Lord God 1702/03, two years from the xxx of this Instant; And also to pay to the xxx begotten by me in her body the sum of xxx current moneys, when he shall attain the xxx xxx fourteen years, maintaining and bringing up the child at my own charge till he come to the years aforesaid; But if the said child happen to die before he attain to the age of fourteen years, then I the foresaid EDWARD GAWN or my executors or administrators am hereby obliged to pay to the said GRACE CASEMENT her executors or assigns the sum of three pounds only xxx fer performance hereof and singular the xxx the foresaid EDWARD GAWN do by these presents oblige myself my heirs executors & administrator in penalty of fifty pounds in the nature of all according to the Laws of this Island; In witness whereof I have to my name put my mark this 12th day of February 1700/01. [signed] Edward Gawn. In presence of John Stevenson, William Crowe, Sam: Watleworth.

BE IT KNOWN BY THESE PRESENTS that I ROBERT PARR Vicar of KK Christ Lezaire do hereby oblige myself my executors and administrators that if the within mentioned EDWARD GAWN do not perform the within obligation and cownts according to the xxx intent purport and meaning thereof, then I the said ROBERT PARR my executors and administrators shall and will duly fulfill the same under the penalty within mentioned. In witness whereof I have to my named affixed my seal, this 12th of February 1700/01. [signed] Robert Parr. In presence of John Stevenson, William Crowe, Sam: Watleworth."




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