Archdeacon Will 1699/1700 #69, Maughold of Edward Christian, of Ballasaig, died 27 November 1699, dated 22 February 1699/1700:

"KK Maughold, February the 22nd 1699/1700: The last will and testament of EDWARD CHRISTIAN Ballasaig who departed this life the 27th of November 1699. Imprimises, he comitteth his soul to God and his body to Christian burial. Item, he bequeath to his SISTER MARY QUORKE one sheep and lamb, and 6 pence apiece to everyone that pretend to any right to his goods. Item, he bequeath all to his dear WIFE the tuition of the CHILD to bring her up and left his said CHILD Executrix of all his goods. And if she die in her minority, then the goods to become due to the mother. Witnesses: Gilchrist Christian, Edmond Callow.

THE INVENTORY AMOUNTS to 1 pound 10 shilling 0 pence. The CHILD and goods in the hands of the wife who hast given pledges in form of Law Edmond Callow & Will Looney.

31 MAY 1714: THIS DAY ELLIN CHRISTIAN with her MOTHER & STEPFATHER DANIEL LOONEY came to the records, and she has acknowledged to be satisfied in what is due unto her by the death of her FATHER EDWARD CHRISTIAN provided she'll enjoy the goods left her by her MOTHER's irrevocable will, bearing date 15 Feb 1713. [signed her makr] ELLIN CHRISTIAN. Before me, Cha: Wattleworth, Regr."




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