Archdeacon Wills 1699/1700,

Presentment dated 3 & 18 January 1699/1700, Lezayre, of Charles Crow son of William Crow of Glanduff, who deflowered Margaret Casement dau of Robert Casement of the Grange:

"At Bishop's Court, January 3rd, 1699: John Curghey, Robert Killip, William Curghey, Ewan Caly, William Quaile, and John Callister being sworn by virtue of the Authority of the Rt Reverend Father in God Thomas Lord Bishop of Sodor & Manne, touching an accusation of rape alleged to be committed upon the body of MARGARET CASEMENT DAUGHTER OF ROBERT CASEMENT by CHARLES CROW of Glanduff, do say the crime alleged to be committed does not amount to rape, but leaves him for his fornication to the discretion of this Lordship and the Spiritual Court for punishment. [signed their marks] John Curhgey, Robert Killip, William Curghey, Ewan Caly, William Quaile, John Callister. Let this be recorded [signed] Tho. Sodor & Man.

AT A CONSISTORY COURT HELD at KK Michael before the Reverent Father in God Thomas by Divine permission Lord Bishop of Sodor & Mann; and Mr. Sam: Watleworth and Mr. Robert Parr Vicars General of the said Island, the 18th day of January 1699:

Forasmuch as it is made to appear that MARGT CASEMENT DAUGHTER OF ROBERT CASEMENT of the Grange within the parish of KK Christ Lezaire, has been deflowered by CHARLES CROW SON OF WILLIAM CROW of Glanduff of the parish aforesaid. And whereas ROBERT CASEMENT THE FATHER has in the face of the Court tendered an obligation or contract for the payment of the just and entire sum of fourteen pounds sterling and a mare which he values at fifty shilling by way of dowry or portion to his said DAUGHTER, and for the better security of payment of the said sum within the limitation of two years commencing upon the day and the date of this order; at xxx payments has given pledges Arthur Cowl, Robert Cowl, John xxxx, Thomas Killip, as appears by their subscriptions. It xxxxx and decreed by this Court, that the said CHARLES CROW xxxx the term of a month either marry the said MARGARET CASEMENT, xxxx her with the like sum above tendered, according to the Law of the Isle (she being aforementioned daughter) otherwise to Sumner of the parish is to commit him the said CHARLES CROW into St German, there to remain till he give bonds to submit; And in xxx further contumacy the Sumner to desire the assistance of xxx from the constable of Peel Castle. Dat ut Supra. [signed] Tho Sodor & Man, Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr.

We the pledges mentioned do oblige ourselves in the penalty of thirty pounds in the nature of all fines & forfeitures within this Island, that ROBERT CASEMENT shall justly pay and discharge the contents of the above xxx, witness our subscriptions this 18th of Jan: 1699. [signed their mark] Arthur Cowl, Robt Cowl, John xxx, Thomas Killip."




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