Archdeacon Will 1698/9 #39, Lezayre, of William Casement of the Kelley, made 22 Apr 1699:

"Lezayre: In the name of God, amen. I WILLIAM CASEMENT (being sick in body, yet sound and perfect in mind and memory, blessed and praised be the Almighty God for the same) do (with the full consent and present of my dear and loving WIFE ELIZABETH) make this my last will and testament thus; in manner and form following; I commit and bequeath my precious soul into the hands & protection of my merciful Creator & Redeemer who gave it me, and my body to Christian burial, decently to be interred in the Church of my family yard. Item, I leave to the poor of the parish ten shillings to be distributed unto them at the discretion of the minister. Item, my will is that Carrett's Mill and the outward Rush Close with two days mowing in the inner Rush Close, be set to be yearly extent off what it will give, until my SON & HEIR WILLIAM come to the age of twenty one years, and that the yearly rents or profits of the same be secured in the hands of (tho without interest) one or two substantial men (such as the supervisors of my CHILDREN will approve of) till my FOUR YOUNGER CHILDREN vizt., ELIZABETH, CATHRIN, MARGARET & THOMAS CASEMENT come to age unto whom I leave all the said rents and profits to be equally divided among them. Item, my will is that my said WIFE (in consideration of bringing up and educating my SON & HEIR and my other said FOUR CHILDREN) shall possess & enjoy the benefit of all the rest of my estate, till my said son & heir arrive to the age of twenty one years as afore said, & then my will is & do hereby bequeath & leave that him my said SON & HEIR shall then enjoy and possess all my whole estate or estates of lands milnes houses entirely of what nature soever only reserving my WIFE's right during whilst she remains or keeps unmarried & in my name, the which reserved right (at my said WIFE's marriage) is xxxxxdially to be possessed & enjoyed by my said SON, and if that my said WIFE remain unmarried & in my name, then my said SON & HEIR is to enjoy possess the said reserved[?] right after her my said WIFE's decease. Item, I leave my said SON & HEIR the crop of corn & husbandry gears with half the same being that oxen to be delivered unto him when he comes to the age of 21 years, And further that in case the xxxx in the xxxx of the said estate or estates be extinct before the HEIR comes to possess the same, and that there will be a necessity of compounding then my will is that the moneys for the said competition be foxxxxx xxxxxx paid out of the rents or profits of the above do pay the like same sum of money unto the FOUR CHILDREN as they come to age to receive it, so that may instantly have what was above expressed and intended them. Item, I leave to Mr. ROBERT PARR the minister afore said wheat; to my FATHER WILLIAM CROW a bowl of barley, SISTER MARGRET a bowl of barley, to my SISTER GRACE xxx & lamb; to my KINSMAN JOHN WATTLEWORTH one bowl of xxxx. Item, I constituted and ordained my dear and loving WIFE true xxxxful executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable & immoveable, & do leave and appoint Capt JOHN WATTLEWORTH xxx & my FATHER WILLIAM CROWE supervisors of my CHILDREN. And to affirm this to be my last will and testament, approved of and consented unto by my said WIFE, I have (with her) caused the same to be written, and hath put to our hands & marks this 22 of April 1699. [signed their marks] WILLIAM CASEMENT, ELIZABETH CASEMENT. NOTE THAT UPON FURTHER consideration I do leave the profits of Carrett's Mill & the said Parish Close, for the first two years unto my WIFE for towards paying some debts; & the FOUR YOUNGER CHILDREN to have two years in lieu thereof after my SON & HEIR comes to the age of 21 years, to this I subscribe my name the day and the year above written. I leave also a sheep and lamb to my BROTHER CHARLES CROWE and a sheep and lamb to my SISTER MARGERY CROWE. [signed their marks] WILLIAM CASEMENT, ELIZABETH CASEMENT. Witnesses: Robert Parr, John Wattleworth, William Crowe.

THE EXECUTRIX AND ONE OF THE SUPERVISOR vizt., WILLIAM CROW are sworn in Court in form of Law. Capt. JOHN WATLEWORTH the other supervisor hath obliged himself upon his honest word to be aiding and assisting to the other supervisor to the utmost of his powers. Pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies according to Law, Robert Casement & Robert Cowle.

SEPTEMBER 20TH 1699: MARGARET CASEMENT enters against the Executrix of her BROTHER CASEMENT for 10 pounds sterling.

JANUARY 6TH 1699/1700: RICHARD GARRET enters his claim against the Executors of WILLIAM CASEMENT for the sum of 1 pound 14 shillings 3 pence, being the moiety of the sum of 3 pound 8 shilling 6 pence due or will be made to appear by xxx and crave trial.

JANUARY 6TH 1699/1700: MARGARET XXXX enters her claim against the Executors of WILLIAM CASEMENT for 20 pounds due or will be made to appear &c. MARCH 12TH 1699/1700: WILLIAM CROWE enters his claim against the Executors of WILLIAM CASEMENT Kelley for one feather bed and boulster one xxxx xxxx one new blanket one old houssage one barrel one stone trough a xxxxx two beed stock, one table two xxxx xxxx furlett of malt, four pound of xxxx of xxxx money with the & xxx.

2 MARCH 1703: PLEDGES TO BE ADDED to the Inventory of WILLIAM CASEMENT by xxx WATLEWORTH for that part of the Inventory which is in xxxx hands, being the forth part of the profits of Garret's Miln, Mr. Thomas Allen. Pledges also for WILLIAM CROW for the other xxx of the Miln and the profits of the Rush Closes, Robert Curghey and Edmond Quay. And the said Captn. WATLEWORTH & WILLIAM CROW have obliged thexxxx in xxx to account for the said Miln and Closes at or before May next. This to be added to William Casement's will.

JUNE 30TH 1704, CHARLES CROW & JOHN KNEEN are become counter security & in behalf of ROBERT CURGHY & EDMOND QUARK for the fourth of the goods and effects of WILLIAM CASEMENT, such as are in the xxxx of WILLIAM CROW of Glandoo. And that before me, Ch: Watleworth, Archd. Regr.

AT A COURT HELD AT RAMSEY THE 26TH OF APRIL 1705: The within MARGARET AISCOUGH ALS CASEMENT one of the Administrators having sworn that there is fxxx shillings due to her as yet of the within Adminxxxx, it is therefore hereby ordered, That the prxxx of the Miln belonging to the Kelly are to pay xxx same, (there being no more effects remaining xxx Inventory) which are lodged in the hands of Capt. WATLEWORTH & WILLIAM CROW; and upon disobedience xxx assistance of a soldier is to be desired from the Captain of next garrison to be committed into St German's. Dated ut Supra. To the Sumner of KK Maughold. [signed] Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr.

9 APRIL 1705: WILLIAM CASEMENT SON & HEIR OF WILLIAM CASEMENT of the Kelly, came this day to the Records, & has acknowledged that he hath received from his GRANDFATHER WILLIAM CROW the full sum of three pounds two shillings and two pence being part of the CHILDREN's money, to pay part of my Lord's fine out of the said Estate. As witness my hand the day afore said. [signed] WILLIAM CASEMENT. Before me, Charles Watleworth, Archd Regr.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I WILLIAM CASEMENT do hereby xxxx and stand indebted xxx EDWARD CHRISTIAN of Miltowne Deemster the full and just xxxx of four xxxx pounds of lawful and current English money for the which payment xxx and truly to be paid to him the said EDWARD CHRISTIAN his executors administrators and assigns, I do hereby bind myself my heirs executors and assigns fxxxx by these presents sealed with my seal and dated this first day of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred ninety and three, 1693.

THE CONDITION OF THE ABOVE OBLIGATION is first, that if the above bounden WILIAM CASEMENT do pay or cause to be paid to him the said and above named EDWARD CHRISTIAN his executors administrators or assigns the full and just sums of fourty pounds by ten pounds or more by the year in four years as all the interest xxxxx six pounds in the hundred for what meines[?] as shall still be behind and still repaid, and that he shall give his milne called Garretts for xxxxx for the true payment of the said monies till all be paid that then this present obligation to be void and of no effects otherwise xxx stand in full force[?forme] xxx and virtue in the Law. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of us, EW: CURGHEY, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN. LIB: CHANCELLARY: 1700: 21 JULY 1701: MRS. MARGARET CHRISTIAN complains against ELIZABETH CASEMENT widow relict and Executrix of the last will and testament of WILLIAM CASEMENT of the Kelly in the parish of Christ Lezayre late deceased, for that the late WILLIAM CASEMENT in his life time was indebted unto the Complainer the sum of fourteen pounds as the bond bearing date the 6th of May 1693, and for the interest thereof for eight years, as she will make to appear and xxx fore prays proofs.

28TH JULY 1701: WILLIAM CHRISTIAN the only surviving witness of the above bond hath deposed the same to be true in every particular, and that WILLIAM CASEMENT subscribed the same in his presence, and this before me, Dan: Mylrea. MARCH THE 31ST 1704: I DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have received at & from the hands of WILLIAM CROWE of Glanduffe the just sum of sixteen pounds eighteen shillings & six pence being what was left in the said WILLIAM CROWE's hand of the 33 pounds that was due unto my SISTER MRS. MARGARET CHRISTIAN from WILLIAM CAISMENT deceased by virtue of a decree of Chancery for which I do acquit and discharge the said WILLIAM CROWE, I say by me received, JAMES CHRISTIAN.

AT A CHANCERY COURT HOLDEN at Castle Rushen the 5th of March 1701/2: Upon hearing of the matter contained in the above action &c: Therefore the court doth order & decree the Dexxx to pay to the Plaintiff only the sum of thirty three pounds as the full of what appears to be remaining due of the principal sum mentioned in the bond xxxx xxxx for xxx do acquit and absolve the Defendant for paying any interest upon the same from the xxx the said money was tendered at Milntown as above mentioned, in respect it appears it was the xxx our fault she did not then receive it. [signed] James Cranstoun. Exam per Carolum Watleworth, Regrum Archd.

MEMORANDUM: PAID OF THE WITHIN SUM by WILLIAM CROW the sum of sixteen pound eighteen shilling six pence at the first payment 16:18:06. XX FEBRUARY 1704/5: THE ABOVE persons paid more to Mrs. MARGARET CHRISTIAN the sum of eight pound one shilling six pence 8:1:6. XX APRIL 1705: PAID BY WILLIAM CASEMENT the heir to Mrs. MARGARET the sum of 8:0:0. TOTAL 33:0:0. AT A COURT HELD AT RAMSEY the 26TH OF APRIL 1705: The last payment of the within bond being eight pound paid this day by WILLIAM CASEMENT of heir of the Kelley with the xxxx being three shillings; which with seven pound received by Mrs. DOROTHY CROW, and eight pound one shilling six pence paid at another time by Capt. WATLEWORTH & XXXX CROW equally betwixt them; makes up the fxxxx sum of forty pounds being the content of the bond; whereupon the same is discharged forever. Dated ut supra. [signed] MARGRET CHRISTIAN. Before us, Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr. JULY 2ND 1699: MRS. MARGARET CHRISTIAN enters her claim against the Executrix of WILLIAM CASEMENT for the sum of 100 pounds due, &c. OCTOBER 6TH 1705: WILLIAM STEVENSON who hath the one half of the profits the Miln and lands bequeathed for the use of WILLIAM CASEMENT'S CHILDREN, since the first of May last, hath given pedges for the forthcoming of the profits thereof according to the xxx Capt. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN and JOHN SKILLICORN in the xxxx of one hundred pounds in form of Law. [signed] William Christian, [signed his mark] William Kegg. Before me, Sam: Watleworth, Arch. OCTOBER 13, 1705: WILLIAM CASEMENT SON & HEIR OF WILLIAM CASEMENT having one half the profit of the Miln and Lands bequeathed for the use of his FATHER'S CHILDREN, since the 1st of May last, hath given pledges for the forthcoming of the profits thereof according xxx Will, Arthur Cowle & Gilbert Tear in the penalty of 100 pound in form of Law. [signed their marks] Arthur Cowle, Gilbert Tear. Before me, Sam: Watleworth.

JANUARY 14TH 1705/6: THE WITHIN WILLIAM STEVENSON does further acknowledge himself to be indebted to the within CHILDREN OF WILLIAM CASEMENT in the full and just sum of five pounds being part of the profits of Garret's Milne which was in Capt. WATLEWORTH's hands; And to the payment thereof xxx and truly to be made to the said CHILDREN. WILLIAM STEVENSON does hereby firmly oblige himself his executors and administrators in double the value, As witness his subscription, the day and year above written. [signed] WILLAM STEVENSON. Before me, Sam: Watleworth, Archd. CAPTAIN WATLEWORTH has paid of the effects in his hands to Mrs. MARGTT CHRISTIAN 4 pound 0 shilling 9 pence; To WILLIAM STEVENSON on the children's account as above 5:0:0; Paid to MARGARET CASEMENT as per order of xxxx 2:10:0; SUBTOTAL 11:10:9. WATLEWORTH[?] DEBTOR TO the CHILDREN xxx CASEMENT for Garrett's miln being a xxx part for four years in all 12:00:0. Remains in his hands 0:09:3. CROW DEBTOR TO THE CHILDREN for the profits xxx 4th part of the milne & some meadowing 28:00:00; to MARGT XTIAN 4:0:9; xxxx CASEMENT for the CHILDREN's use 3 pounds 2 shillings 2 pence more 11:02:2; xxxx CROW & WILLIAM BREW on his father's account to ELIZABETH CASEMENT one of the CHILDREN 4:00:0; subtotal 19:2:11. 28:00:00 - 19:02:11 = 8:17:1. JANUARY 27TH 1707: WILLIAM KEGG is become bound for & instead of Capt WILLIAM CHRISTIAN before me, Sam: Watleworth.

SEPTEMBER 16TH 1713: WILLIAM CASEMENT SON & HEIR OF WILLIAM CASEMENT of the Kelley, do hereby acknowledge to have received from WILLIAM CROW HIS GRANDFATHER, the full sum of eight pounds, being part of the children's goods, for which he is to be answerable, as also for the above 3 pounds 2 shillings 2 pence, to the said children. As witness his subscription, [signed] WILLIAM CASEMENT. Before me, Cha: Wattleworth, Regr.

JULY 15TH 1714: THE ENSUING ACCOUNT was settled & stated by Capt WATLEWORTH, WILLIAM CROW, WILLIAM CASEMENT, ELIZABETH HIS SISTER & GRACE STEVENSON as follows: The whole Inventory of WILLIAM CASEMENT deceased due to his CHILDREN with the profits of milne and lands amounts to 100 pounds 00 shillings 00 pence, of which after all deductions made there remains 89:08:06, of which in WILLIAM CROW's hand 8:17:01; in Capt WATLEWORTH hands 00:09:3; in GRACE STEVENSON's hands 5:10:0; in ELIZABETH CASEMENT's hands 4:00:00. SUBTOTAL LESS 18:16:04. REST 65:12:02. Of which ELIZABETH has received 4:00:00. So that WILLIAM CASEMENT is to pay 61:12:02.

LEZAIRE MARCH 9, 1718: MY LOVING GRANDFATHER (WILLIAM CROW) being charged in my late deceased FATHER (WILLIAM CASEMENT's) Inventory with the sum of four pounds eight shillings and six pence half penny: I do hereby acknowledge to have received the full of the said sum, in money and other accounts, from him my said GRANDFATHER WILLIAM CROW of Glanduff, for which sum of 4 pound 8 shilling 6 pence. I do hereby fully acquit my said GRANDFATHER and his Executors, as witness my name the day and year above mentioned. [signed] ELIZABETH CASEMENT. Witnesses Henry Allen, Thomas Corlett. 16TH JUNE 1721: ELIZ: CASEMENT hath acknowledged the above discharge before me, Dan: Mylrea.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS THAT I GRACE LOONEY ALS CASEMENT of Lezaire do hereby acknowledge to xxx justly indebted unto my NIECE ELIZABETH CASEMENT in the full and entire sum of three pounds current money within this Isle, which said sum of three pounds I oblige myself heirs and executors to pay upon demand with three shillings yearly interest whilst the same is in my hands, all this in the penalty of double the value, this 1st July 1721. [signed her mark] Grace Looney als Casement. Signed & delivered in presence of Edm: Crowe, Exxxxx.

1ST JULY 1721: GRACE LOONY ALS CASEMENT has acknowledged the above bond before me, Dan: Mylrea. AT BALLAUGH, JULY 12, 1721: JOHN KNEEN maketh oath, that he paid forty shillings of the above sum of four pounds which ELIZABETH CASEMENT, by order and direction from WILLIAM BREW who prosecuted him for the same by order of the Spiritual Court, as he was sole administrator of MARGERY CROW HIS MOTHER IN LAW, And the said forty shillings was the half or dead's part of a bond and interest thereof having date March 2nd 1703/4. [signed] Cha: Watleworth.

AUGUST THE 21ST 1724: MARGERY STEVENSON Executrix to her above named MOTHER do oblige herself to perform the above bond in every particular under the penalty above mentioned. [signed her mark] MARGERY STEVENSON. Witnesses Thomas Corlett, Elizabeth Garrett. JULY THE 14TH 1724: THE RECEIVED THE CONTENTS of the within bond, & do hereby acquit and discharge the within MARJERY STEVENSON her Executrix &c., forever of the same as also my UNCLE WILLIAM STEVENSON's Executor's &c., for his bond of five pounds, bearing date January the 14th 1705/6. Witness my mark to my name the year and day above written. [signed her mark] ELIZABETH CASEMENT. Before me, WmGell, Register

KK MICHAEL, JULY 4TH 1700: THOMAS CASEMENT (SON OF THOMAS CASEMENT of the Kelly) departed this life (as the Court is informed) about 27 years ago intestate, who having left him by his father's will the sum of ten pounds, whereof (upon the information of the next relation) the Court having new intelligence, hath decreed the xxx vizt., GRACE, MARGARET and the Executors of WILLIAM CASEMENT THEIR BROTHER, joint administrators of all his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever. GRACE is sworn and the rest to be sworn.

AT KK MICHAEL, JULY 4TH 1700: The effects belonging to the said THOMAS CASEMENT, being lodged in the hands of the Executors of WILLIAM CASEMENT HIS BROTHER, the same is ordered to be paid within 14 days by the said Executrix, which if she refused to do, she is by the Sumner or soldier to be committed into St German's prison, there to remain till she give bonds to submit. Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr. Exam per me Johan. Curghey, Registr. Archd."




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