Episcopal Wills 1699-1 Arbory, of Thomas Cain

(from MM EW26 / LDS 0991715)

Summary - d 16 Apr 1699 & buried in kk Malew ; at Ballacagen;eldest son Thomas, next son Mark;wife Catherine - later married Robt Radcliffe, aunts Catherine & Marjery Cain appointed as overseers;extensive inventory and account of land/houses at red gap;?more dispute in 1719 with Red Gap property to eldest son Thos; mentions son Mark + his aprenticeship to Mr Looney; son James and Mr Aldridge for teaching him his trade;son Richard Cain

It would appear that Thomas Cain snr had acquired some property at Red Gap and had started to build a cow house attached to side of property, as well as altering the property - the included costing is interesting because of its detailed breakdown of costs - apparently th wall was only partially built (and valued as pile of stones).

May ye 28th 1701
An account of what is laid out upon ye house of the Red
Gappe since the death of Thomas Cain

(note edge of page very dark and pence not always clear)


pd to John Maddrell and John Kewley [? as blotted] for Building the remainder of the wall
0 12 0
to a servers for serving them
0 6 0
a carpenter for putting up the roof
0 8 0
more to same carpenter for flooring and working in the house
0 8 0
George Walker for nails
0 5 6
for lime for the house use
0 13 4
for drawing of sand
0 3 0
John Maddrell for roughcasting
0 3 0
for floors
0 5 0
pd to Mr Stevenson for straw to thatch the house
0 6 0
for spelts
0 2 0
pd more for straw for thatch for the house
0 16 0
John Maddrill for thatching the same house
0 9 0
to a man for serving him
0 1 6
to a server for serving John Maddrill at the roughcasting of the house
0 1 6
Mr Parker for two window frames
0 2 6
to Yorkshire Jon for breaking out a window in ye parlour
0 0 6
more to Yorkshire John for altering and making up th door cheeks
0 1 0
[sub total]
5 7 6
John Kewley for plastering within the house
0 3 0
digging of clay and drawing it and serving the sd Kewley
0 3 0
John Kewley for making windows upon the loft
0 0 6
Thos Sant for glazing the windows
0 7 0
Robt Quay for making an iron frame for a kaysment
0 1 0
iron to make sd frame
0 1 0
John Kewley for making a channel by the foundation of the house on the street side
0 2 0
drawing of flaggs from poulbash [Pool Vaish] to make the sd channel
0 2 0
a man serving John Kewley at the channel
0 1 0
John Maddrell for paveing at the door
0 3 0
drawing of stones to make the sd pavement
0 3 0
John Maddrell for makeing up the chimley
0 2 0
for a man serving him
0 1 0
John Maddrell for making of an oven
0 1 0
breeks[bricks] to make the sd oven
0 1 6
man serving at sd oven
0 0 6
[sub total]
1 12 4
in all
6 19 10
January 16th 1702 These Bills were given in by Kath: Cain, relict of Tho Cain, by vertue of her oath
At Castletown Octr 22th 1719
The foregoing bills of repairs being
considered, it is thought fitting, & ye
parties concern'd consent, that the
6 19 10 be reduced to four pounds
the one half of wch is chargeable on
the children's pt of the houses when
they come to be possess'd of the same
after the decease of their mother, wth
whom & her present husband Robt Ratcliffe,
Tho Cain the eldest son has this
day agreed for all their right & title to
the houses &c; & he is to have the benefit
of the sd repairs vizt to charge his
brothers & sister for their respective proportions
of the same; if they shall think
fit to have their pt of the sd houses &c in kind & not ye
valuation wch is declared to be in their
choice, in regard there was no cause in respect
of debts or other lawful reason to value the same
Wm Walker
John Curghy




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