Archdeacon Will 1698/9 #12, Arbory, of Major Richard Stevenson of Balladoole,

"Arbory: Set thine House in order for thou shalt die. 2d kin: 20th v: ye 1. In the name of God, amen.

I RICHARD STEVENSON of Balladoole being in good health of body and of sound and perfect mind and memory, praises be therefore given to Almighty God; do make and ordain this my present last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say:
First and principally, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God, hoping through the merits, death and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, and to inherit everlasting life, and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors or their overseers hereafter named: And as touching the disposition of all such temporal estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bestow upon me, I give and dispose thereof as followeth.
First, I will that my debts, and funeral charges (which I desire may not be costly but decent) shall be paid and discharged.
Item, I give all the money that is in the poor box to the poor of KK Arbory, KK Malew and KK Christ Lezare equally to be divided amongst them: and that to be given to the poorest in every Parish at the discretion of the respective ministers and church wardens thereof. I give to the poor of Carleton in Craven ten shillings.
Item, I acquit my BROTHER JOHN STEVENSON of all the debts due to me. I give to my BROTHER THOMAS STEVENSON ten shillings and to his SON RICHARD ten shillings, to BROTHER PETER HEYWOOD ten shillings to buy them rings.
Item, I give to WILL WALKER twenty shillings and to COSEN HYLAND twenty shillings. To Mr. ROBINSON ten shillings to preach my funeral sermon.
Item, I give and bequeath to my SON JOHN STEVENSON my best sword and belt, best gunn, xxx all other corbes and parldome belonging to this house.
Item, I give xxx my best saddle & xxx my campaign scarf, and one silver tumbler with rucle of aimes upon it as an Parldome to him and his heirs forever.
Item, I give him all my books, he giving to every one of HIS BROTHERS AND SISTERS (that xxx same at my death) one Bible and one xxx Duty of Man and I hope he to be kind and loving to them and see them virtuously educated.
Item, I give to my SON RICHARD & CLEAVE all the rest and remainder of my guns, pistols, swords & xxx equally betwixt them.
Item, to my SON RICHARD my best mourning ring & silver seal of Amos:, and to CLEAVE xxx best mourning ring.
Item, I leave them my FORESAID TWO SONS twenty pounds sterling equally between them above the rest of my executor hereafter named. And whereas I very well know my FIRST WIFE's part of goods came to three hundred pounds I do hereby leave give and bequeath the foresaid sum of Three hundred pounds sterling to my two DAUGHTERS ISABLE and ELIZABETH equally to be divided between them as they arrive and xxx to the full age of twenty years or be married by & with the consent of their UNCLE JOHN STEVENSON aforesaid. And it is my will and pleasure not withstanding any thing aforesaid to the contrary that if either of them die before they arrive or xxx to the age of twenty years and be unmarried then it is my will and pleasure the survivor of them have ninety pounds out of the dead's part, my SON JOHN twenty and the remainder betwixt the rest of my CHILDREN. And if so please God that both my DAUGHTERS die before they came of the age of twenty years and be unmarried then it is my will and pleasure that my SON JOHN have ninety pounds and the remainder equally to be divided between the rest of my CHILDREN.
Item, I give and assign over JOHN WATTLWORTH's bond of xxx pounds to my two DAUGHTERS ISABLE & ELIZABETH equally betwixt them in lieu and satisfaction of the cattle left to them by my FATHER as by his will may appear. Item, I give and bequeath to my dear and loving WIFE ten broad pieces of gold as a token and pledge of my fath--- love to her. All the rest and residue of all my personal estate, goods, chattels whatsoever I do give and bequeath to my CHILDREN MARY, JANE, RICHARD, ALICE, CLEAVE, KATHERIN, and MARGARET equally to be divided between them and I do hereby make and constitute them xxx and joint executors of this my last will and testament and do constitute and appoint their loving MOTHER to be their guardian and overseer, whose care and kindness next unto God I leave and commit them not doubting of her faith and love towards them; and I charge and dxxx all my children to be dutiful and obedient to her: and I pray and dxxx my SON JOHN STEVENSON and Mr. WILLIAM WALKER to be aiding and assisting to her in the management of all her affairs and dxxx and virtuous education of all my children. And I do hereby revoke, disannul, and make voide all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made:
In witness whereof I the said RICHARD STEVENSON have set my hand, and affixed my seal of Armxxx this fifth day of September Anno: Domm: 1698. [signed] RICHARD STEVENSON.

HEAVENLY FATHER, LOOK WITH THE EYES OF THY MERCY AND COMPASSION on this poor widow and fatherless children: Lord, thine they were, thou gavest them me. I have done what I can for them; Thou Lord are the first, best, and last father; the world and the fullness thereof are in thy hands: Now therefore holy Father keep them in thy name for thou art the refuge of the poor and needy and thy time is to help when all other help is at a stand. I believe thou art the Father of the fatherless therefore into thy hands I recommend them in confidence of that saying of the prophet David Psalm 27, When my father and mother forsake me the Lord will take me up. Thou who provided for them in ye womb and prepared breast for them as they came into ye world, will provide such necessaries for their bodily sustenance as will rather be a means then any hindrance to their salvation of their souls: Lord I ask no more, but as they grow in years they may grow in wisdom and in grace and in favor with thee and all good men. The Lord bless and keep them, the Lord make his face to shine upon them, and be gracious unto them; the Lord life up his favorable countenance upon them, and give them peace now and forever more. Amen, Amen, Amen.

TO THE REV. SAMUEL WATTLEWORTH VICAR GENERAL the humble petition of JOHN STEVENSON Capt. of Peel Castle, THOMAS STEVENSON of Scaldaby Glenry Esquire & JOHN STEVENSON of Balladoole in behalf of his TWO SISTERS ISABELLA and ELIZABETH STEVENSON:
That whereas Major RICHARD STEVENSON of Balladoole late deceased hath left several sums of money to the Petitioners as a legacy in a certain codicil added to his last will and testament, relation thereunto being had may at large appear; which said codicil being by you declared invalid, by reason the Petitioners did not expect any opposition had been made against Hiecrs[?theirs] so just a xxxxxse and therefore did not take that care they might to produce their witnesses for the making the said codicil valid, which your Petitioner doubts not xxxx so to probe; xxxxx consideration of the premises you Petitioners humbly prays you would be pleased to grant them a rehearing of the matter before the Rt. Revd. Lord Bishop of this Isle, so shall you Petitioners in duty bound for your health and happiness ever pray.

JANUARY 8TH 1699/1700: I AM WELL satisfied that the matter complained of in the within Petition shall have a rehearing before our Rt. Revd. Lord Bishop and will be ready to attend his Lordship when & where his Lordship will appoint to hear the same. [signed] Sam: Watleworth.

JANUARY 11TH, 1699/1700: THIS DAY THE PETITIONERS and Mrs. STEVENSON having met at Peeltown before the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop, his Lordship has granted the Petitioners liberty of making the same claim (when the Revd. The Archdeacon comes to the Island) as they might have done at this present time. [signed] J. Woods Regrn.

AT A COURT HELD IN CASTLETOWN, before the Reverend Mr. Archdeacon KIPPAX, & Mr. SAM: WATLEWORTH the 11th of January 1698/9: The Revrd Mr. Archdeacon KIPPAX, and Mr WILLIAM THOMPSON have deposed upon oath, that the above said Major STEVENSON declared to them on the Monday morning, before he deceased, that he had committed his last will in writing on his birth day, & had therein settled all his affairs, and that they should find it in his closet, among his papers: Revd Mr. Archdeacon further declares, that on Saturday morning after the said Major departed, he went to his closet, & there found this will, and no other; which is now produced to the Court, and (with respect to the said depositions, as well as it is generally known to be the said Major's hand) the same is proved by the Revd. Mr. WATLEWORTH Official, the day & year above said.

Probatum est, & solvit 1 shilling. Mrs. STEVENSON, relict of the afore said Major STEVENSON is sworn in Court according to Law.

MAJOR STEVENSON DECLARED before Mr. EDWARD CHRISTIAN, MR WOODS & MYSELF, October 24th, in the evening, That besides what matters were expressed in his will, he desired 1. that his BROTHER JOHN might have 20 pounds, 2. his BROTHER THOMAS also 20 pounds, 3. his two ELDEST DAUGHTERS 50 &, 4. Mr. SQUIRE [? Henry Lesquire] owing him a deale (as he said) of money xxx did forgive it him, 5. little DICKY HEYWOOD also 20 pounds. Perceiving these sums to swell to a great bulk I asked him where the money must rise, He answered me, In the Isle of Man. But that being only a general return, I asked him over again if he had left effects in his Executors hands that would answer all this, besides the charge he had already made upon them, to which he made this reply, my SON JOHN will answer all; Supposing this may occasion a dispute hereafter, & my memory being very treacherous, I put these things down to be a memorandum. This is sworn to and subscribed this 11th day of January 1698/9, by me Archd KIPPAX.
Sworn & subscribed the day and year above said by me, J. WOODS. For as much as Mr. Archdeacon & Jo: Woods Regr have declared by virtue of their oaths, that the above said Major STEVENSON was delirious, both immediately before and after the mention of the afore said words; and xxxing he has likewise fixed the payment of the said legacies upon his SON JOHN, who is not at all concerned in the Executorship, & therefore not obliged to discharge the same; therefore the Court declares the above Codicil to be invalid in Law. [signed] Sam: Watleworth, offic.

KK ARBORY JANUARY 2ND 1698/9: THE INVENTORY OF MAJOR RICHARD STEVENSON taken and xxx by four sworn men (vizt.) Wm Mercer, Wm Fargher, Charles xxxxx in the Parish of KK Malew and Hen. Waterson in KK Arbory:
Imprimis, The dead's part of a black riding horse 1 pound 10 shillings xx pence;
Item, The dead's part of 6 work horses, (vizt.) Jacob, Girt, Cammel, Sloven, Collup & a little Bay 5:10:xx;
Item, dead's part of 2 bay colts, one named Strange, the other 3 year old bay 2:15:xx;
Item, dead's part of 2 horse colts and 1 filly prized at 2:15:0x;
Item, dead's part of the Irish mare, black mare & follower 2:10:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 10 draught oxen prized to 12:10:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 9 young bullocks prized to 8:00:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 3 English cows prized to 3:15:00;
Item, Dead's part of 14 cows prized to 13:06:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 5 young bullocks prized at 3:05:0;
Item, Dead's part of 6 heifers prized to 4:04:00;
Item, Dead's part of 5 young bullocks and seven young heifers 2 year old 5:08:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 14 calves prized to 4:10:xx;
Item, Dead's part of a bull prized to 1:00:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 42 sheep at home prized to 3:12:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 17 lambs prized to 0:11:00;
Item, Dead's part of 40 sheep at Cregneish 2:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of 5 swine prized to 0:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of 187 pound worth of pewter at 8 pence per pound 3:02:04;
Item, Dead's part of 48 pound of brass & mortar 17 pound valued at 6 pence per pound 0:16:0x; Item, Dead's part of 378 pound of wrought iron prized at 2:07:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 1 large cart, with other carts, carr and furniture 3:00:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 3 plows, harrows, draughts, traces, coulter and soik 0:15:xx;
Item, Dead's part of 2 dozen of poles, cleft boards and old timber 0:12:xx;
Item, Dead's part of a chest of drawers, chests, boxes, trunks, closestool and pan; corbes excepted 1:16:xx;
SUBTOTAL 90:xx:xx.
Item, Dead's part of looking glasses, glass bottles, butche ware and drinking glasses 0:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of hogsheads, barrels, coolers, pales, water cans, dishes, cheese fats, wooden bowls and trenchers with the rest of the wooden ware included 2:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of tables, chairs, settles, forms & stools, (heirlooms reserved) prized to 4:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of damask linen (vizt.) table cloths and napkins 1:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of diaper* linen (vizt.) table cloths and napkins 1:15:00;
Item, Dead's part of huggaback* after the same manner 1:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of 10 fine towels prized to 0:05:00;
Item, Dead's part of 8 pair coarse sheets 0:15:00;
Item, Dead's part of 8 pair of the best blankets 1:12:00;
Item, Dead's part of 9 pair of coarse blankets 0:15:00; Item, Dead's part of 5 old fledges prized to 0:08:00;
Item, Dead's part of4 coverlets prized to 0:15:00;
Item, Dead's part of 2 quilts and 1 rugg 1:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of 8 quishions prized to 0:01:04;
Item, Dead's part of the best bed and bolster weight 90 pound at 8 pence per pound 1:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of of the second best bed weight 98 pound 1:10:00; Item, Dead's part of 7 other beds, bolsters, and pillows, weight 500 pound at 3 pence per pound 3:02:06;
Item, Dead's part of the best bedstead, curtains & vallons 2:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of the second best bedstead curtains and vallons 0:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of all the rest of the bedsteads, curtains and vallons 2:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of the spinning wheels and cards 0:04:00;
Item, Dead's part of 7 pound of flax prized at 0:01:03;
Item, Dead's part of a stone of hemp prized to 0:02:00;
Item, Dead's part of 4 stone of wool prized to 0:16:00;
Item, Dead's part of 6 pound and half of flaxen yarn 0:03:03;
Item, Dead's part of10 pound of blew woolen yarn 0:03:04;
SUBTOTAL 32:03:08.
Item, Dead's part of 13 pound of spun worsted 0:xx:xx;
Item, Dead's part of 13 pound of coarse woolen yarn 0:03:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 2 heckles** prized to 0:01:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 121 ounces of plate at 5 shilling 6 pence per ounce 16:10:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 12 yards of mixed cloth 0:15:0x;
Item, Dead's part of 2 case of knives and 1 of forks 0:05:xx;
Item, Dead's part of 20 yards of coarse linen 0:05:xx;
Item, Dead's part of boat, nets and furniture being old 1:10:0x;
Item, Dead's part of a lrieg voider with some old caskets 0:01:00;
Item, Dead's part of some old linn & a screen 0:01:00;
Item, Dead's part of 3 old saddles and bridles 0:04:00;
Item, Dead's part of 2 pictures set in frames 0:04:00;
Item, Dead's part of 1 cullseg 0:12:00;
Item, Dead's part of the crop of corn of the year 1699, prized to 54:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of the hay set of the same year 4:05:03;
Item, Dead's part of the land set for the year 1699, harvest work deducted 13:17:06;
Item, Dead's part of cattle scoring (99) 6:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of money in the house & received for the crop of the year (98), all bills, rents and prescriptions being paid for that year and for the year 1699 102:00:00; SUBTOTAL 201:02:08. 15 FEBRUARY 1709: ADDED: The Dead's part of the xxxx money recovered from the late Lord's Administrators, being 16:17:06.

Imprimis, Dead's part of a debt due from Mrs HANNAH BRELSFORD of Rothdale in Lancashire 270:00:00;
Item, Dead's part of a debt from Mr. TURNER CALCOT of Ballalaugh 36:11:10-1/2;
Item, Dead's part of a debt from Mr. CHADDOCK in England 58:10:00;
Item, Dead's part of of a debt from Mr. BALLARD 7:02:09;
Item, Dead's part of debts, from Capn. THOMAS STEVENSON 1:10:00, from WIDOW ALLEN 00:10:06, Francis WOLFINDINE 1 pound, Mrs. Patten 0:06:00, Mr. WILLIAMS 1:10:00, in all 5:16:06;
Item, Dead's part of debts from THO: WATERSON 1:05:03, Mr. RICHD THOMPSON 00:17:08; UMPHREY SEDDEN 5s 6p, & JOHN ASPINAL 10s 4p, 2:18:09-1/2;
Item, Dead's part of debts from THO: LOONEY SENIOR 3s 4p, from WILLIAM CLAGUE 5s 6p, JOHN COTEEN 4s, Mr. GELLING 3s 9p, Mr. CAESAR 2s 10p; Capn HARTLEY 10s, & JOHN REDFERN 2:15:00, 4:04:05;
Item, Dead's part of debts from JOHN QUAIL 4x, JOHN BRIDSON 6s, ROBT QUIRK 2s, Mr. PARR 9s, widow FRIEND 3s 3p, GEORGE HARRISON 1:02:00, WILLIAM WANWRIGHT 4s, 2:10:3;
Item, Dead's part of debts from several other persons whose names & sums are in the Books of Accounts 19:07:6; TOTAL 407:02:01.
NOTE THAT MANY of the above debts are thought to be desperate, such therefore as will not be recovered shall hereafter be deducted from the Inventory:

GRAND TOTAL of 407:02:01 + 201:02:08 + 32:03:08 + 90:00:01 = 730:08:06. Plus 16:17:06 = 747:06:00.
[*'diaper' and 'huggaback' are two different types of weaves; ** heckles were boards with rows of nails used to comb flax & straighten its fibers and get rid of short 'tow' fibers prior to spinning]

The GOODS AND CHILDREN in the hands of the MOTHER who has given pledges for the forthcoming of the same Capn. Charles Moore, & Mr. John Stevenson according to Law.
Funeral charges 10:00:00;
Paid Mrs. ISABEL STEVENSON 150:00:00;
Paid Mrs. ELIZABETH STEVENSON 150:00:00;
Paid in Legacies, to Capn THOMAS STEVENSON 1 pound, to Mrs. HYLAND 1 pound, to Mr. ROBINSON for Legacy & Church dues 1 pound 2 shilling, to Mr. WALKER 1 pound, & dead's part of servant's wages pd 1:10:00, 5:12:00;
Dead's part of a debt paid the Executors of Capn PRESCOTT in England 5:11:04;
Dead's part of a debt to Mr. MURREY 2:06:06;
Dead's part of a debt to Mrs. MERCER 1:16:00;
Dead's part of Lord's Rents and prescription for the year 1700, 7:06:05.
Note that of the 300 pounds left to Mrs. ISABELL and Mrs. ELIZABETH STEVENSON there is only but the one half thereof to be paid by the Executors and the other half by their mother according to the Marriage Contract betwixt the fore said Major RICHARD STEVENSON and his WIFE produced this day before me; At Castletown February 21, 1699/1700, Sam: Watleworth.
More to be deducted as due to Mr. JOHN STEVENSON on his father's part 4:00:00.
TOTAL 182:12:03. 747:06:00 - 186:12:03 = 560:13:09. In the annexed Paper all Deductions are Desperate Debt and deducted, and that each Executors part truly xxxted[?slated].


Capt. JOHN STEVENSON's debt being ten pound eight shillings, and left him by Legacy, the half thereof is due to Mrs. Stevenson, and therefore deducted 5:04:00; The ten broad pieces of gold being left to his WIFE as Legacy, half thereof being her own before, therefore five pieces are due to Mrs. STEVENSON at 28x apiece 7:00:00; A legacy to Major PETER HEYWOOD not before deducted 0:10:00; The Desperate Debts on the Dead's part to be deducted, vizt., Mr. BOLLARD 7:02:9; Capt. THOMAS STEVENSON 30s; Widow ALLEN 10s 6;; FRANCK WOOLFENDEN 20s; RICHD: THOMPSON 17s 8p; JOHN ASPINIL 10s 4-1/2p; THOMAS LOONY 3s 4p; Mr. GELLING 3s 9p, 11:18:04-1/2; TOTAL 24:12:4-1/2. Which sum of 24:12:04-1/2 being deducted out of 560:13:09, there remains due to the seven Executors vizt., MARY, JANE, RICHD, ALICE, CLEVE, CATHRINE, & MARGT, the sum of 536:01:04-1/2. Out of which sum there is due to RICHD & CLEVE above the rest of their father's will 20 pounds, betwixt them; so there remains the sum of 516:01:04-1/2. Which sum being equally divided among the said seven Executors each daughters dividend is 73 pound 14 shilling 5-3/4 pence; and each son 83 pound 14 shillings 5-3/4 pence.

RICHARD one of the Executors dying, & three pound deducted out of his sum for funeral charges, there remainder of his dividend (vizt. 80:14:5-3/4) being proportioned among the other six, CLEVE'S part is 97:3:6-3/4, & each DAUGHTER's part 87 pound 3 shilling 6-3/4 shillings. ALICE ANOTHER OF THE SAID EXECUTORS also dying, the money paid towards her prentice fee to Mrs. Leed in Preston being in Manks value 29 pound 3 shilling 4 pence, and her funeral charge in Manks value 8:03:04 being deducted there remains of her dividend 49 pound 16 shilling 10-3/4 pence, which being proportioned among the other five Executors, CLEVE'S part is 107:02:11-1/4; and each DAUGHTER's part is 97:02:11-1/4.

Memorandum: That the 49:16:10-3/4 being divided among the five surviving Executors, each one's part is 9:19:04-1/4. MR. JOHN STEVENSON'S CLAIM: The best pan or pot; Jack & salett; bow & arrows; sword & buckler; the best board; the best stool; coulter & rackentree; the best cup; the best chest; the best sword & bolt; the best gun, the Campaign scarf, all the books; the best saddle & houlsters; the silver tumbler; the jewel heirloom; the gold ring left to the wife of the house as an heirloom; the silver tankard left by his GRANDFATHER, and 2 oxen sold for 6 pound; The nest of cups; 6 pictures in the parlour; the red chair with the coat of arms; the clock; the brass pott; 3 meal arks; 3 stone troughs; one old fowling piece & 2 others bought by his grandfather; 4 pair of pistols & 3 pair of holsters; 2 drums; blue scarf & 2 working tubs; his AUNT MARY'S cabinet; a ring left by HIS MOTHER; the great spit; a silver cup given by his GODFATHER PARKER; the still top & black dish. The bedstead in the red room; the great flagon; the husbandry gears, viz., carts, traces, harrows, plow with irons & carrs. The bedstead in his father's chamber; the hangings in the kitchen chamber. A cow given by JOHN KEWN, which had 2 calves; the meal chest to the mill, & stone.

SEVERAL, OR MOST of the above particulars being in dispute betwixt the above Mr. STEVENSON & HIS STEPMOTHER MRS. ALICE STEVENSON, who (by reason of their near affinity, & respect either to other) are unwilling to go to Law: they have therefore referred the same to the arbitration, doom & award of us whose names are subscribed, & have mutually promised to stand to, & abide the same. We have therefore in order thereunto heard& perused all pleas and allegations of both parties: and what particulars we thind, do by Law and equity belong to the said Mrs. STEVENSON, we have hereunder named and inserted vizt: The best pott of pan; besides the furnace, being fastened, & therefore a member of the house; the bow and arrows, sword & belt, the best tub, a choice chair, coulter & rackentree, the next of cups, the best chest, besides the great ark, If the other ark be fastened to the wall of the house, the statute says, he must have it also. Six pounds received for the 2 oxen left by his GRANDFATHER: if it appear that they were sold for so much. Three stone troughs, his AUNT MARY's cabinet, the ring found in his FATHER's note, the shill top, the great spit, & great flagon, the bedstead in his father's room, being fastened. The hangings in the kitchen chamber being also nailed. For John Kewn's cow & increase, he is to have a cow at next May and a weaned calf; which if he shall dislike, to receive forty shillings in lieu thereof. The fun & campaign scarf; all the books, as left by his FATHER's will; as also the best saddle & houlsters, the silver tumbler likewise: The jewel. The cup left by Mr. PARKER. The clock. The silver tankard left by his GRANDFATHER, as an heirloom. And 2 stones in the mill. All which Mr. STEVENSON afore said is immediately to receive saving the cow & calf, which are to be delivered him at May, as above specified. And this we give for our opinion & determination of the matter; Witness our hands this 6th of xxx 1699. [signed] Richd Qxxx, xxxxxxx. All which said things I do own to have received as witness my hand [signed] JOHN STEVENSON.

JULY 11, 1699: THEN RECEIVED FROM MY MOTHER the full and just sum of one hundred and thirty pounds upon the account of my portion left by my FATHER, I say received by me, [signed] ISABELLA STEVENSON. Witness: John Stevenson.

July the 11, 1699: Then received from the hands of Mrs. ALICE STEVENSON on the accompt of my SISTER ELIZABETH the full and just sum of one hundred and fifty pounds being left to her by her father, I say received by me, JOHN STEVENSON. February 21th, 1699/1700: The above is acknowledged before us, Sam: Watleworth, Robert Parr.

JANUARY 10TH 1699/1700: MR. JOHN STEVENSON of Balladoole enters a claim against the Executors of his FATHER RICHARD STEVENSON Esquire late deceased for the rents and profits of the feeding pasture at Yelisom, and of a certain tyth barn, also of another parcel of land, called Champion, all situate and lying in Cravon[?], in Yorkshire; and which became due to the claimor by the decease of his MOTHER MRS. ELIZABETH STEVENSON ALS WALKER, and all this from the time of her decease, & craves the Law. Per me, J. Woods Regrin. Ep. To be returned to the Archd: Regr.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that we JAMES GIBBONS & ISABELLA GIBBONS ALS STEVENSON, DAUGHTER TO RICHARD STEVENSON late of Balladoole, Esqr., do acknowledge to be fully and justly paid by Mrs. ALICE STEVENSON widow & relict of the said RICHARD STEVENSON the full and just sum of one hundred and fifty pounds sterling, being the legacy, and filial portions left and bequeathed to my ISABELLA GIBBONS by my FATHER afore said. And we do hereby acquit, & discharge the said Mrs. ALICE STEVENSON, her executors, administrators, & assigns of the same and every part, and parcel thereof forever. Witness our hands this tenth day of March 1701/2. [signed] James Gibbons, Isabella Gibbons. In presence of J. Stevenson, J. Woods, Reg. Epis.

ARTICLES OF MARRIAGE concluded and agreed upon by and between Mrs. ALICE STEVENSON relict of Major RICH. STEVENSON late of Balladoole deceased, for and in the behalf of her DAUGHTER JANE STEVENSON on the one part, And the Revd. Mr. THOMAS ALLEN Vicar of KK Maughall in the behalf of HIS NEPHEW the Revd. Mr. HENRY ALLEN of Douglas on the other part as follows:
Imprimis, It is concluded and agreed upon by and between the said parties that the said HENRY ALLEN and JANE STEVENSON shall enter into the holy estate of matrimony within six days after the sealing and delivery of these presents; and his hold Church permitting the same.
2ndly, It is concluded and agreed upon by the said parties, that the said ALICE STEVENSON shall endow and give in portion to her DAUGHTER JANE STEVENSON the sum of one hundred pounds sterling including the child's part of goods which fell to her said DAUGHTER by the death of HER FATHER, as also what became due by the death of her BROTHER RICHARD. She the said ALICE STEVENSON paying the said one hundred pounds in such sum and by such proportions as she shall think proper, provided the entire sum of one hundred pounds be fully satisfied and paid within 3 years next aft the intermarriage of HENRY and JANE as afore said.
3rdly, It is covenanted and agreed upon by the said parties, that the said THOMAS ALLEN shall pay or cause to be paid to his said NEPHEW HENRY ALLEN the sum of one hundred pounds sterling at or before the Feast Day of St. Thomas next xxxx.
4thly, It is concluded and agreed upon by the said parties that all the Estate of land and houses which descended or came to the said THOMAS ALLEN from his FATHER shall descend and fall in the like manner by way of inheritance to his said NEPHEW HENRY ALLEN after the decease of the said THOMAS ALLEN & HIS BROTHER SAMUEL ALLEN FATHER TO HENRY afore said.
Lastly, To the performance of all and singular the premises both parties have bound themselves in the penalty of two hundred pounds, the one half to the Right Honorable the Lord of this Isle, and the other to the party aggrieved.
In witness whereof and of all the arxxxx within specified, the said parties have subscribed their names & axxx their seals this seventeenth day of October in the year of our Lord xxxx one thousand seven hundred and nine. [signed] ALICE STEVENSON, THO. ALLEN
I SAMUEL ALLEN within named do hereby freely and fully consent to all the Articles within mentioned as far as concerns me. [signed] SAMLL. ALLEN.
Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of John Stevenson, Ewan Christian, William Walker.
An exact copy from the original by Hen: Allen.

AUGUST 18TH, 1712: WE DO HEREBY acknowledge to have this day received from our honorable MOTHER Mrs. ALICE STEVENSON the full sum of one hundred pounds, being the full sum mentioned in the 2nd Article of this Contract. We say received the sum of by us, [signed] HENRY ALLEN, JANE ALLEN. Witnesses: Wm Walker, John Murrey.

DUBLIN 23 SEPTEMBER 1710: NOW RECEIVED from our loving MOTHER MRS. ALICE STEVENSON of Castletown in the Isle of Man by the hands of THOMAS MURREY of the City Dublin merchant the full and entire sum of one hundred pounds sterling being all that became due to me MARY GRIFFITH ALS STEVENSON by the last will and testament of my late FATHER MAJOR RICHARD STEVENSON of Balladool as also by the decease of my BROTHER RICHARD STEVENSON for all which we do hereby acquit and discharge our mother above mentioned and her heirs, executors, administrators or assigns forever by these presents, Witness our hands the day and year first above written, [signed] RICHD. GRIFFTH, MARY GRIFFITH. Witnesses Present, James Quay, John Christian."




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