Archdeacon Will 1697/8 #34, Andreas, of William Cannell, buried about 28 October 1697:

"Andrews 1697: This is affirmed to be the last will of WILLIAM CANNELL who was buried about the 28th of October 1697, being of good and perfect memory. First, he commended his soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, he left to his BROTHER PHILIP and SISTER NELLY CANNELL 3 pence apiece. Item, he left to his SON AND HEIR WILLIAM CANNELL all the gears belonging to husbandry, and the WIFE gave consent to give him her part thereof after her decease. Item, he left to his said SON WILLIAM CANNELL his half of the crop of corn when he should come to age. Item, he left that there was due to WILLIAM CLATOR from hi and his wife 16 shillings 8 pence. Item, to ALICE CLERK 5 shillings. Item, to KATH: CHRISTIAN 4 shillings. Item, to a weaver 1 shilling. To Mr CURGHEY 1 shilling 8 pence. Item, he constituted and appointed his WIFE JANE CLERK Executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever. Witnesses: Thomas Skaly, William Clator. ITEM, HE WILLED that the lands mortgaged to WILLIAM DOUGHERRY for 45 shillings should be released by his MOTHER IN LAW ELLINOR CLERK, and after her decease the same to return free to his HEIR according to the Contract Bargain given him by his FATHER IN LAW STEPH: CLERK and the said ELLINOR HIS WIFE. THE EXECUTRIX SWORN IN FORM OF LAW.

The Inventory amounts to in gross xx pound 18 shillings 8 pence; Item, more 8 shillings."




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