Archdeacon Will 1697/8 #11 Malew, of Thomas Quayle of Billown, died 11 Feb 1697/8:

"KK Malew: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of THOMAS QUAIL who departed this life Feb 11th 97/8. First he committed his soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, he (with the consent of his WIFE ELLINOR) bequeathed to his WIFE'S 2 DAUGHTERS (vizt.) MARY AND JANE one heifer which is a year old at May next. Item, to his WIFE'S SAID DAUGHTER MARY a frying pan. Item, to his WIFE'S DAUGHTER KATHERINE CAIN one sheep and lamb. Item, he left to the said KATH CAIN'S ELDEST SON THOMAS a lamb. Item, to JOHN QUAIL SON OF JOHN QUAIL of Ballatrollog an ewe lamb. Item, he bequeathed to his own daughter in Ireland six shillings in money to be paid her when she came to receive it, and if she were not content with that, then to have but 6 pence legacy. Item, he left to his WIFE'S SON THOMAS CAIN one steer. Item, he bequeathed one cow, half of a cow and a steer to be divided betwixt his own DAUGHTER and WIFE'S DAUGHTER'S & SON, vizt, one half to his OWN DAUGHTER ELLINOR QUAIL, and the other half to his WIFE'S said 3 CHILDREN THOMAS, MARY & KATHERINE CAIN for taking care of his said DAUGHTER ELLINOR who is not compos mentis. Item, he bequeathed to his SAID DAUGHTER ELLINOR all his sheep to be enjoyed by her after the her Mother's death, and desired that WILLIAM SHIMMIN and the aforesaid THOMAS CAIN should take care of them in her behalf. Item, he left to his said DAUGHTER ELLINOR a chest with all the linen and woolen which is in it (except one red petticoat which his WIFE'S DAUGHTER ELLINOR is to have, giving her any other petticoat for it) to be given her according as she has occasion for them, by HER SISTERS or any person who shall take care of her. Item, he left to his WIFE'S ELDEST DAUGHTER ELLINOR CAIN, all his horses and mares, except one colt, which he left to any person that would undertake to go along with his DAUGHTER for Ireland to any well, whereby she might receive some cure. Item, he left to his said DAUGHTER ELLINOR half a pewter candlestick with a pewter dish and half of a feather bed, after her mother's death; and all the wooden vessels belonging to the house. And lastly, he constituted and appointed his dear WIFE Executrix of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever; and his said WIFE ELLINIOR has declared and appointed HER ELDEST DAUGHTER ELLINOR to be her Executrix after her death. Witnesses: Margaret Quail, Anne Waterson.

THE EXECUTRIX SWORN IN COURT in form of Law. Pledges Philip Cottiman & Wm Quackin.

KK MALEW: CHARGES AT THE FUNERAL OF THOMAS QUAILL laid out and debursed by the Executor: Imprimis, for drink 0 pounds 5 shillings 0 pence; Item, for burying 0:01:00; Item, to the Clarke 0:01:04; Item, for writing the will 0:02:09; Item, for putting in the Inventory 0:01:02; Item, in debt to Elizabeth Quaill 0:00:09; Item, paid his daughter 0:03:00; Item, more to the same girl for a pair of shoes 0:02:06; Sum 0:17:06.

THE FIRST OF FEBRUARY 1702: RECEIVED by the Overseers of THOMAS QUAILE and paid by them for xxxxx the sum of ten shillings and 4 pence foresaid being due to me from the said QUAILE as part of the mones he was to give me when he came prentis to me. I say received by me, THO: LOONEY. Ad this to the Will of THO:QUAIL who died about 8 years ago"

Malew bur reg: Thomas Quail, Billown, bur 11 Feb 1697/8

Malew bur reg: Ellin Quaile als Caveen bur 31 Dec 1699





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