Archdeacon Will 1697/8 #48 Malew, of Salisbury Norris als Taubman, written 12 April 1698:

"Castletown, April 12, 1698: This is affirmed to be the last will of SALISBURY NORRIS ALS TUBMAN who being of perfect memory commended her soul to God, & her body to Christian burial. Imprimis, she bequeathed to her DAUGHTER ELIZABETH TUBMAN of Bowling Green a parcel of land called Catherine's Close; and to her DAUGHTER MARGARET NORRIS the parcel of land called the White-stone, both which they are to enjoy after their father's decease, and not before (to which their father gave his assent) providing that if her SON JOHN NORRIS came to live in this Island, that then he was to have both the said parcels of land, paying to each of his above said sisters ten pounds sterling. But if not, each of them are to pay him or his child ten pounds, in consideration of the said land. Second, she bequeathed the house where JOHN PIGOT now dwells wholly to her DAUGHTER ELIZABETH. Third, to her DAUGHTER MARGARET the household stuff and houses where she herself dwelt, together with a barn and garden over against Thomas Waterson. Lastly, she left all the rest of the goods, vizt., horses, cattle, and oxen, to her HUSBAND whom she appointed to discharge their debts. JOHN NORRIS THE HUSBAND has given his full consent to the above will, in presence of us. [signed] JOHN NORRIS. Witnesses: Robert Moore, Gilbert Moore.

THE HUSBAND IS SWORN EXECUTOR in form of Law; but the lands mentioned in the will are to de---- and become due to the SON of the foresaid Executor according to the Deed of Gift given to him by his father xxxxxx. Pledges in form of Law, John Piggot, Tho: Lowney.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I JOHN NORRIS of Castletown feltmaker and SALLSBURY MY WIFE as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection we bear to our well beloved SON JOHN NORRIS, as also divers good causes and considerations us thereunto moving; Have given granted gifted and confirmed and do by these presents give grant gift and confirmed unto our said SON JOHN NORRIS all our right title and interest of a parcel or parcels of land known by the name of the White-stone and Cathren's Close with all houses and buildings thereunto belonging, to have and to hold the fore mentioned premises with all easements and appurtenances thereunto appertaining to our aforesaid SON JOHN NORRIS his heirs executors administrators and assigns to his and their proper use and behooxxx forever freely and quietly to enjoy the same after the decease of the survivor of us without any matter or challenge claim or demand of us, our Executors administrators or assigns, or any other person or persons in our names, by xxx cause means or procurement and without money or any other thing therefore to be yielded paid xxx unto us the said JOHN or SAULSBURY our executors administrators or assigns; Always providing that if our SON JOHN have to die without legitimate issue to xxx the same that then the same is to return to the next of kin or to whom we please to leave it. Witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and marks this fourth day of July 1692. [signed their marks] JOHN NORRIS, SALSBURY NORRIS.

XXXX BEING A XXXX OF GIFT (some years ago) made by JOHN NORRIS (in Castletown, hatter) and HIS WIFE SALSBURY unto their SON JOHN NORRIS (now resident in the city of Dublin in Ireland) the which was proved after the death of the said SALSBURY at the coming of their SON to the Island this Summer. However takings to further consideration the condition of her other children she made as xxxx is extant on xxxx, and left her DAUGHTERS ELIZABETH AND MARGARETT such remetences as she thought good and by well deserved being obedient and dutiful careful children; But their brother urging to have the Deed of Gift proved the same was done; he the only declaring[?] himself (in presence of Deemster Parr and sundry times at after) that he would fulfill and make good his mother's will money things whatsoever she bequeathed and left his said sisters, These and the like (to our best remembrance) were his xxxxx he always owned and acknowledged, when the same was moved unto him, such times as we xxx in xxxx together; And to the truth hereof we subscribe, and will at any time xxxx the same when required, As witness our subscriptions this sixth day of September 1698. [signed his mark] Thomas Lownie, [signed] John Wattleworth.

I DO ACKNOWLEDGE THE ABOVE xxx in xxx particulars, and that my SON did own and xxxx to the fulfilling & xxakings his mother's will making whatsoever good to his sisters ELIZABETH & MARGARET, xx was the only motive which caused me to give way for the provings of the deed of gift as witness my mark to my name the above date. [signed his mark] JOHN NORRIS.

6 SEPTEMBER 169X: THE ABOVE THOMAS LOWNEY SENIOR and JOHN WATLEWORTH and JOHN NORRIS deposed the above xxxxx signed respectively by them to be true in every particular before me, JOHN PARR.

MAY 19TH 1699: DAN: CHRISTIAN of KK Concon enters his claim against the Executor of SALISBURY NORRIS ALS TUBMAN for the sum of five pounds being the moiety of the portion due to him by his wife and craves trial."




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