Archdeacon Will 1697/8 #7, Braddan, of Elizabeth Barnes [?als Fletcher als xxxx], died 6 February 1697/8:

"Duglas: This is the last will and testament of ELIZABETH BARNES who departed this life on the 6th of February 1697/8. First she bequeathed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, she left to her STEPSON GEORGE BARNS six pence legacy. Item, she left her SON EDWARD BARNS six pence legacy. Item, she did constitute ordain and appoint her SON IN LAW JOHN HENRICXXX and HIS WIFE to be her true and lawful executors of all the rest of her good moveable and unmoveable whatsoever.

Witnesses:Thomas Corkill, Hugh Mcrchoid[?].

THE EXECUTOR SWORN IN COURT in form of Law. The Inventory to be brought in at next Court.

The inventory of ELISABETH BARNS is thirty six shillings. David Gray and William Claige praisers. The goods in the hands of the Executor who hath given pledges CHRISTOPHER FITSSIMMONS and GEORGE BARNS according to law.

A FULL ACCOUNT OF WHAT I have laid out on my MOTHER IN LAW ISABEL BARNES of Duglas late deceased for her funeral charges which is to be deducted out of her inventorie. Imprimis, for beer 4s 10 1/2p; Item, for the probate of the will 1:0; Item, for deasve and tobacco pipes & nales 4:1 1/2; Item, more when she was sick 3:0; Item, for making the coffin 3:0; Item, for putting in the inventory 0:2; Item, for burying money 1:0; Item, for candels 0:4; Item for writing the will 0:6; To the wardens 1:0; Sum is 19s 4p. There above particulars are laid out by me JOHN HENEVRICSON (OR HENERIXSON)"




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