Archdeacon Will 1698/9 #24, Braddan, of Major Charles Christian of the Nunnery, made 13 July 1698:

"July the 13th 1698: In the name of God, Amen. I CHARLES CHRISTIAN of the Nunnery in the Isle of Man, being of good and perfect memory, and suddenly designing for xxxx do will the best censure the present time allows, make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First, I commit my soul to my Almighty, and most gracious God that gave it and to my Lord Jesus Christ that Redeemed it, and to the Holy Ghost my sanctifier. Begging mercy and salvation through the merits and blood of Christ Jesus; And my body to Christian burial, as my gracious God shall best please to dispose of me, in my voyage and travel. Item, I leave and bequeath to CHARLES CHRISTIAN MY SON all my right property and interest in, and to, all my milnes that I have in KK Christ Lezaire and to the tenants to them belonging, and all other emoluments relating to them; being the whole moitie or whole half of Carretts Milne and likewise of the Cladaugh Milne, half of the new milne that ROBT CHURGHEY'S hath part of in Glanmore, and half of the floore Milne in Glanmore all now in my possession and holding; To which my most dear WIFE hath given consent, she possessing or enjoying the profits of them during her natural life She my said wife is desired to educate and maintain the above said CHARLES MY SON as may be most suitable to him and to his condition. And I do require and command him, as he expects a blessing to perform to him, all humble service, duty and obedience during his life, and there being some incumbrance on Carrett's Milne, I desire him as God shall best enable him to set it free being it became so merely pursuing and preserving the Rights and dues of his own birthright and inheritance as she well knows. Item, I leave always yearly to the poor of KK Christ Lez:Aire out of the profits of the said milnes the sum of ten shillings to be given by the possessors of them on Trinity Sunday, being the day of my baptism, and five shillings yearly then to the poor of Ramsey, and five shillings yearly in like manner towards the panies[?] of some good minister, that shall be chosen, and desired by the family of Milntown (my FATHER's house) preach on Trinity Sundays at KK Christ; his sermon to have always to have some relations & reference to the Mercies of God that endureth forever, of which I his most unworthy servant have had many and signal manifestations, for which I praise his holy name, And this to continue while the above said CHARLES or any other successor of his by any title or deuenty shall enjoy or possess them from or under him, and to being after my decease. And if the above said CHARLES does not live or have issue to possess the said Milnes, or if he have not occasion for his better advantage otherwise to dispose of there; still reserving as is above mentioned for the uses. Then I leave and bequeath them to the eldest son successively of Milnetown, beginning with my NEPHEW CHRISTIAN Esquire (if he be alive) and he or they to pay forty shillings yearly for the purpose afore said by doubling the several proportions above as specified and they to continue the composition with our xxford from time to time that this design may not be frustrated. And I humbly xxxx that the succeeding Bishop's and Archdeacon's may out of the goodness and zeal, see that this my small charity be disposed and continued, according to the intent, purpose and xxxx hereof for the purpose. To my NEPHEW MAJOR STEVENSON of Balladoole ten shillings for a ring. To my KINSMAN CAPT. NICHOLAS CHRISTIAN of Ramsey twenty shillings, or as my dear WIFE shall find good to give him a horse or xxxx of a more considerable value, and to my KINSMAN MR. RICHARD QUAILE of KnockRushen ten shillings, and ten shillings to my GOSSIP[GODPARENT] VIC: GENERAL WATTLEWORTH. Lastly, I nominate constitute, ordain and appoint my most dear, loving, religious and tender WIFE MARGRETT CHRISTIAN ALS CALLCOTT my true lawful executrix of all my goods, and chattels, moveable and unmoveable. In testimony of this to be my last will and testament written with my own hand and sealed with my own seal, revoking all other wills made by me, I subscribe my name this 13th of July 1698. [signed] CHARLES CHRISTIAN. Sighed and sealed in presence of us, Sam: Watleworth, Henry Waterson.

MRS. MARGARET CHRISTIAN WIFE to the above and within named MAJOR CHARLES CHRISTIAN hath before the witnessing hereof given her fore xxxx & xxxx to all what is contained therein, As witness her name and seal this 21st July anno domini 1698. [signed] MARGRET CHRISTIAN ALS CALCOTT, her seal. Before us: Sam: Watleworth, Henry Waterson.

JULY 21ST 1698: THE WITHIN PAPERS are acknowledged by Major CHARLES CHRISTIAN and his WIFE MRS. MARGT CHRISTIAN to be their act and deed before us Sam: Watleworth, Henry Waterson.

THE EXECUTRIX SWORN IN FORM of Law. Probatum est. Pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies in form of Law. Major PETER HEYWOOD and Mr. NICHOLAS CHRISTIAN JUNIOR of Ramsey, whereupon the Executrix is excused bringing in an Inventory in particulars.

JUNE THE 9TH 1699: MR. WILLIAM FLEXNEY enters his claim against the Executors of Major CHARLES CHRISTIAN for the sum of eight pounds sterling due upon the account of Major ROBERT CALCOTT, as will be made to appear and craves the Law.

FEBRUARY 2ND 1699/1700: MRS. JOAN CHRISTIAN relict of the Parson JOHN CHRISTIAN enters her claim against the said Executors for 21 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence.

MARCH 14TH 1699/1700: MRS. ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN enters her claim against the Executors of Major CHARLES CHRISTIAN for the sum of 20 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence, due as appears by specialty, and the interest thereof since Lammas 1695, at which time the bill for the said debt commences, as will be made to appear &c.

MARCH 14TH 1699/1700: MRS. ANNE GARIET ALS CHRISTIAN enters for 2 bowls and one firlet of barley, due &c.

MARCH 22ND 1699/1700: THOMAS HUDDLESTON of Ballacott in behalf of himself and his BROTHER MR. ROBERT CALCOTT Executors of Capt ARTHUR CALCOTT & HIS WIFE MRS. MARY CALCOTT of Ballalough late deceased enters a claim against the Executors of Major CHARLES CHRISTIAN of the Nunnery for the full sum of three hundred pounds sterling due to the claimers xxx of their FATHER & MOTHER afore said from the late Major ROBERT CALCOTT, as will be made to appear, & craves the benefit of law. Per me J Wods, Regrin. Ep:

17TH MARCH 1702: MAJOR WM XTIAN enters against the Executors of Major Charles Xtian for 100 pounds."




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