Archdeacon Wills 1696/7, of Ewan Christian of BallaQuinney, Marown and Ann Christian als Clucas his wife, dated 19 March 1695/6:

"Know all men by these presents that I EWAN CHRISTIAN of BallaQuinney in the parish of KK Marown with the consent of my WIFE ANN CHRISTIAN ALIAS CLUCAS many good causes and considerations us thereunto xxx but especially for and in consideration of the sum of three pounds sterling paid to us in hand by MITCHEL OATES and WILLIAM FLEXNEY of the town of Duglas which they gave out upon interest for the poor of the parish of KK Braddan and town above mentioned have set xxx unto mortgage one of the three daymoths of hay that in our xxxxdone commonly known and called by the name of logharan from us our heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns to them the above OATES and FLEXNEY or whosoever survives them in the wardship of the said town or parish with all ways water courses easements profits or commodities to it appertaining belonging with four pence yearly rent on the said daymoth of hay; further it is agreed that the above EWAN is to have the use of the said hay to himself whilst he pays yearly and on every Easter xxxx at the parish of KK Braddan to the Churchwardens of the said parish or town such yearly interest as the Law allows, for the use of the said poor but upon nonpayment of the said interest upon the per fixed day or within 8 days after then it should be lawful for the then Churchwardens to xxx the benefit of the above daymoth of hay with the said use and principle be paid. As witness our hands this 19th of March 1695/6. [signed their marks] EWAN CHRISTIAN, ANN CHRISTIAN ALIAS CLUCAS. Signed and delivered in presents of William Cotter, Gilbert Smith.

Xxx as the Right Reverend ISAAC BORROUGHS Lord Bishop of this Isle left to the poor of the parish of KK Braddan and town of Duglas the sum of five pounds to be put out upon use for the benefit of the said poor and the sum being put by the late Sir PATRICK THOMPSON into the hands of THOMAS CHRISTIAN of the town of Duglas for several years who gave for his security for the said moneys PHILIP CHRISTIAN and JXXX VINCH of the said town and the above xxxxx to clear themselves of their surretiship as xxx as the could constrained the above THO: CHRISTIAN to pay them three pounds thinking in time xxx the rest with less trouble the which money xxx in PHILLIP CHRISTIAN's hands for some season xxx out any profit to the above said poor the Churchwardens of town and parish making their complaint to the Spiritual Court for the xxong the poor xxx by the same the money viz the three pounds was ordered at Candelmas last by the Reverend Mr. SAMUEL WATTLEWORTH to be paid by PHILIP CHRISTIAN into the hands of MITCHELL OATES and WILLIAM FLEXNEY being two of the Churchwardens to lay it out that the poor might receive a profit out of it xxxx to that intent that the same was left to them whose -iording by hand given it to EWAN CHRISTIAN of BallaQuinney xx KK juaxxxnd upon the special bond which here is to be seen."