Archdeacon Will 1696 #19 bk 1 #16 Maughold, of Ann xxxx als Christian, Inventory appraised 16 Feb 1696/7:

"Mahold: There having some dispute arise concerning the presented will of Anne Christian touching the naming or appointing as Executors and other xxxxx all xxx xxx whxxxx the witness do not agree the same is found in Court to be valid and hath therefore decreed her brothers and sisters vizt., Robert, Ewan, Margaret, Jane, Hesther, and Dorothy Christian sole and joint administrators of all her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever, with the consent of the husband to whom the foresaid Administrators out of their affection and to preserve amity betwixt, have promised to give and return unto him, all her part of whatever came by himself in their Marriage Contract, he taking therewith the debts thereunto belonging, and also to give him an ox, the feather bed (with the clothes thereunto belonging) which they laid on, a mare and all the wooden vessels in the house excepting a kieve and 2 hogsheads; and likewise her part of all webs of cloth made by herself whether linen or woolen, since their marriage excepting a piece of russet due to Thomas Christian, which said Administrators are sworn in Court in form of Law, excepting Ewan who is out of the Country and his rights reserved in thehands of the said Administrators. Decretum est et solvit 18d.

February the 16th 1696/7:

The Inventory of the goods of Ann Christian deceased prised by 4 sworn men viz., Simon Christian, William Kevish, Richd Kermode, William Corkill. kerchief & apron 3s, 4 hoods 2s, 2 small linens 2s to 00 pounds 12 shillings 00 pence; ---ap linen 2s, pillow peew[?] & old towel 1s to 00:03:00; napkin and a table cloth 3s, 3 sheets 3 yards linen to 00:15:00; xx yard of tick 7s, 4 yard of fleaddan 3s to 00:10:00; green apron 10s, 3 white blanket 10s, a fledge to 1:00:00; an old fledge a cussen 2s, 3 shary petticoat & a red petticoat to 01:10:00; old petticoat 10s, new hood 2s, 2 waistcoat & bodice to 00:18:00; pair of red stocking 1s, a featherbed and bolster 1 pound to 1:01:00; a chest 9s, 3 sack 2s, eleven trencher 1s and a brass can xx to 00:12:04; eight pewter dishes 10s, xxxx & 2 hogshead 8s to 00:18:00; a little wheel and a woolen wheel to 00:03:00; xx cows 2 pounds 12s, a bull 3 years old 14s, a heifer 1 pound to 4:06:00; xx goose 5s 6d, 3 horses 1pound, a cow in calf 1 pound 10s half a steer to 2:17:06; an old cow in calf 1 pound 6d, 15 sheep 1 pound 6s, half piece xxxx 26 to 2:08:06; an ox to 0:00:00; the sum total 18:14:04. Funeral charges and other debt 1:00:00.

The clear Inventory is 17:14:04. Three of the Administrators, vizt., Robert Christian, Patrick Kneale, and Christopher Cowle have consented and do declare that it is the desire of the rest of the Administrators that the six silver spoons belonging to the decedent Ann Christian[this has been crossed out] shall go as an heirloom forever to her said brother Robert’s Estate, according to her own declaration upon her death bed. Pledges according to Law are the Executors the one for the other."





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