Archdeacon Will 1696/7 #32, Bride, of Ann Christian [of Cranstall], died about 27 April 1697:

"The last will and testament of ANNE CHRISTIAN who departed this life about the 27th of April 1697. First she committed her soul unto God and her body to Christian burial. Item, she left to her SISTER MALLY 10 pence. Item, to her SISTER BESSY and her SISTER CATHRINE all her clothes linen and woolen, and all what sheep she had. Item, to her BROTHER EWAN six pence. Item, to her BROTHER DAVID twelve pence. Item, to her SISTER CALLEINE[?] twelve pence. Item, to her STEPMOTHER a ewe yearling, and what flax she had. Item, to WILLIAM KEGG as much wool as would be a pair of stockings. Item, to JONY CRY a neck cloth. Item, to DANIEL GOLDSMITH and WILLIAM KEGG a pound of tobacco. Item, to BAHEE KNEALE a neck cloth. Item, she nominated and appointed her FATHER EWAN CHRISTIAN sole Executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable. Witnesses: Dan: Goldsmith, Wm Kegg.

THE EXECUTOR SWORN IN COURT in form of Law. The Inventory included in the mother's will and secured there."




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