Archdeacon will 1695/6 #80, Maughold, of John Callow of Balnaskeig, died 19 May 1696:

"This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of JOHN CALLOW xxxx his life 19th of May 1696. Imprimis, he committed his soul to God xxxx. Item, he bequeathed to the poor of KK Maughold six shillings which xxxx Corna owed him. Item, to his ELDEST SON all his whole crop of xxx, ----tenfilly, his riding horse bridle and saddle, half the horse which JOHN XXXX xxx him, and his choice of all the mares with a cow in ROBT CALLOW's keep. Item, he bequeathed to his ONLY DAUGHTER JANE twelve pounds xx guinea, the choice two of all the white blankets, a little chest with HER MOTHER'S wearing apparel as well linen as wool, with whatever else has been shaped for herself, including herein xx the child's part of goods by the death of her mother, requiring her to committing all the aforesaid goods (excepting her wearing apparel) to the custody of his trusty FRIEND ROBERT CHRISTIAN, and further oblige her under the penalty of forfeiting half the aforesaid goods to her brethren that she should not presume to marry or espouse herself to any man without the advise and full consent of Vicar ALLEN and the said ROBERT CHRISTIAN praying xxx to be to her instead of a father in advising and directing her upon all xxx occasions for her good. Item, he further bequeathed to WILLIAM HIS ELDEST SON a fourth part of all his sheep upon condition that he keep with him HIS THREE BRETHREN 3 years, and that for three years to come, he giving them such good usage as is becoming them; otherwise the said fourth part to descend to his Executors. Item, to his SISTER ANN a firlet of barley of which she has had already part of it. Item, to the vicar a choice mutton, and to ROBERT CHRISTIAN a she yearling. And constituted his THREE YOUNGEST CHILDREN VIZ., EDWARD, JOHN & ROBERT CALLOW his true and lawful Executors of all the rest of his goods and chattels, and nominated his SON WILLIAM their supervisor, and desired the said Vicar ALLEN & ROBERT CHRISTIAN to be aiding to him to defend his poor small children from miscarriage and wrong by their wholesome admonitions and good advice. Item, The above Testator acknowledged that there was in his custody due to his Executors of JOHN KIRMEENE of which paid to THOMAS QUAYLE 20 shillings and two groxxxx he paid for cow grassing in the Curragh, so remains to Ballanie 37s 4p. He further declared that he owed ADAM CANNELL 9s 6p. And that WILLIAM CALLOW ghilley had 27s of his money in his hands. And that WILLIAM KIRMEEN owed xxx, and JOHN TAGGARD 2s. Witnesses: Thomas Allen, Robert Christian. THE SUPERVISOR IS SWORN IN COURT in form of Law. The Inventory next month. That of the 37s and 4p, there is 20s in the hands of WILL:CALOW and 17s 4p in the hands of Thoxxxx xxxxand xxxxxx. THE INVENTORY OF THE GOODS of JOHN CALLOW decease by 4 sworn men viz, Christopher Christian, Will Corkill, Christopher Callow, Will xxxx: Item, 7 white blankets, 4s6p apiece, 5 yards of linen cloth 1 pound 4 shilling xx pence; Item, 2 old fledge 7s, & 4 sacks 4s, & sac yarn 1s 6p 0:12:xx; Item 2 old canvases & a bag 1s, and all his wearing clothes 7s 0:8:0; Item, 5 old barrels & a churn 4s 6p, old kissans & a basket 0:5:xx; Item, 2 cheas rack 6p, one earth pot 6s 0:1:xx; Item, on pewter dish & old wooden pigine & old wooden vessels 0:3:xx; Item, weight & sieves 1s, an old feather bed & bolster 15s ):16:0; Item, one cow 12s, and old cow 12s, and half a cow 6s 1:10:0; Item, 3 quarters of a cow 10s 6p, 3 quarters of a calf 3s 9p 0:14:3; Item, one calf 5s, 2 steers 3 years old & a heifer 2:3:xx; Item, 2 old horses 12s, one horse 9s, a he colt 10s, a mare and colt 15s 2:6:0; Item, a griddle 9p, and the 4 part of boat oars 1s, and a horse skin 8s 0:2:xx; Item, the 4 part of boat keel, 3/8 yard of woolen cloth 0:8:xx; Item, 4 yard of linen cloth 8p per yard 0:2:8; Item, 5 goats & 5 kids 2s6p apiece 0:12:6; Item, four goats without kids 0:6:0; Item 75 old sheep 2s per piece, 3 yearling at 1s per piece 7:13:7; Item, three goats year old 0:3:6; Item, one linen sheet 3s 4p, one new plough beam 1s 6p 0:4:10; Sum Total 20:7:9. To be deducted for undeniable debts 0:6:9. The clear Inventory due to the Executors 20:1:0. KK MAUGHOLD THE 01 OF MAY ANNO XXXX: I DO HEREBY acknowledge to have received from the hands of my BROTHER WILLIAM CALLOW of Balnaskeig the just and full sum of three pounds lawful xxx of England, in part of payment of the portion left unto me by my FATHER AND MOTHER. In witness whereof I have here unto put my hand the day and date above written, I say by me [signed his mark] EDWARD CALLOW. Witness present: John Callow, Mary Callow. KK MAUGHOLD THE 19TH OF APRIL 1699: I DO HEREBY acknowledge to have received from and at the hands of WILLIAM CALLOW of Balnskeig the just and full sum of three pounds of good and lawful moneys of England, and the 6 yards of cloth worth 11s 6p, and more I have received one shilling and nine pence in all when computed together three pounds and thirteen shillings and three pence, and this I have received for the use of EDWARD CALLOW and by his order to paid to him which was left to him by his FATHER AND MOTHER. I say received by me, JOHN CALLOW. Witness David Molaroy, John Qay. RECEIVED IN ALL six pound thirteen shillings and 3 pence. JUNE 14TH 1703, JOHN CALLOW THE UNCLE OF EDWARD hath acknowledged and testified in Court the above acquittances to be true and just, and defends that the same may be received which is granted by me, Sam: Watleworth. XXX

DUBLIN THE 27TH OF JUNE ANNO 1XX9: THE WITHIN SUM of six pounds thirteen shillings and six pence is received by me, therefore I do xxx xxxx and desire the Register of the Isle of Man to cross off the same sum of 6 pounds 12s 3p out of my father's Inventory, for the sum is received by me [signed] EDWARD CALLOW. Witnesses: Gaberell Sheperd[?], John Garman. TO BE ANNEXED to the will of JOHN CALOW of KK Maughold, who died about May 1697. MAY 26, 1707: THIS PAPER THEN entered upon record by WILLIAM CALOW the Supervisor mentioned in the will of JOHN CALOW.

MAY 26TH 1704: THEN & BEFORE RECEIVED from my Supervisor ROBERT CHRISTIAN the full sum of twelve pounds sterling and one guinea being the whole of what my late deceased FATHER committed to his custody for my use as more at large appears in his last will and testament. And I do hereby discharge him the said ROBERT for the said sum and all other debts from firth to this present. I say received by me [signed her mark] JANE CALLOW. In presence of Thom: Allen, Hen: Allen. 12TH OF JUNE 1704: THE ABOVE acquittance acknowledged before us, Robert Parr, John Curghey.

MAY THE 26TH 1707: JOHN CALLOW one of the Executors of his FATHER being at age came this day and acknowledgeth to have received in money for & account from his BROTHER WILLIAM CALLOW the sum of six pounds thirteen shillings eight pence, being the third part of their father's Inventory; of all which the said JOHN CALLOW does hereby acquit and discharge his said BROTHER WILLIAM and his pledges forever. As witness his mark to his name the day and year above written. [signed his mark] JOHN CALLOW. Before me, Sam: Watleworth."




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