Archdeacon Will 1695 #19 bk1, German, of Elizabeth Cannell als Stevenson, made 1695/6:

"German: This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Elizabeth Cannell als Stevenson who was in perfect memory at the making thereof. First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, she left her son & heir her part of crop and her part of the tam. Lastly she constituted her other 3 children Jane, Bahie, and Caesar Cannell lawful Executors, and willed that if any of the said Executors died under age, that child’s portion to return to the other Executors and so from one to the other. And also declared that there was ten pounds due to her and her husband from James Stevenson her brother, whereof she left out of her part 30x to Caesar Wattleworth for recovering her part of the said moneys. Testes: William Ellison, Hugh Cannell, jurati. The Executors underage, the husband is sworn supervisor in Court according to Law. Probatum et Solvit 1s. The Inventory next Court."




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