Archideaconal Will 1695 #7 Santan of Thomas Quay,

dated 2 August 1695: "St Anne, August ye 2d 1695: The last will and testament of THOMAS QUAY xxxx who committed his soul to God, and his body to Christian burial.
Item, he left to the poor at time usual one firlet xxx half a firlet of meal & a mutton. Item, He left to his WIFE his own half of his best horse.
Item, He left to THO:QUAY Meary one tithe[?].
Item, He left to Mr. JO: COSNAHAN minister one mutton. Item, He left to his SISTER CHRISTIAN six pence legacy.
Item, He ordained & appointed his 4 CHILDREN JANE, ELLENOUR, THO & ISABLE QUAY sole executors of all the rest of his goods movable and unmovable whatsoever: but if he lived to have more children, that then the younger children were to have their proportion of his goods as the children above mentioned.
Item, He appointed (that if all his CHILDREN dyed under age) that then half his goods to return to his BROTHER PATRICK QUAY and to his SISTER ELLENOR QUAY and the other half to his own WIFE.
Item, He committed the charge of his CHILDREN to his WIFE, and all his lime crops (that is to say) whilst the lime laid on his ground would yield corn toward the benefit of his CHILDREN: and if his WIFE did not carefully looke to his children, that then JO: QUINNEY, THO:QUAY, THO: MOORE of Balnahow & THO: BRIDSON were to be supervisors of the said children.
He left (with the consent of his WIFE) to his SON THO:QUAY one ewe lamb with all the increase of the sd lamb wch they gave him 5 years ago.
THE WIFE AND SUPERVISORS are sworn in Court according to Law. Probatu est et Solvit. IN REGARD THAT THE WIFE hath in the face of the Court taken the tuition of the children, the Supervisors hath consented to allow her the xxxxxxx[lower right corner is too dark to read] while the children are in her xxxxxxxx. Testes: xxx Quiney his mark X; xxx Cosnahan, xxxx xxxxx his mark, jurati.
THE INVENTORY OF THO: QUAY brought in by the wife, amts to 00 pounds : 08 shillings : 04 pence.
KK ST ANNE, JANUARY YE 7TH 1695/6: AN INVENTORY OF THE GOODS OF THOMAS QUAY of KK St Anne praised by four sworn men, viz, Wm Bridson, Wm Quine, Jon. Bridson, Thomas Brew:
Imprimis, 1 ox, 1 cow, & the three parts of an ox being his part of the xxx with half the plow & plow gears 02:14:06;
Itm, Half the rest of the cattle 01:08:00;
Itm, Half the horses 01:00:00:
Itm, Half the husbandry gears 00:04:05;
Itm, Some oak poles & other timber 00:02:06;
Itm, some spades and other irons 00:02:00;
Itm, Half some coopers tools with half a spit & gridle 00:03:00;
Itm, Half two pots 00:02:06;
Itm, Half the pewter & crass[?] 00:01:03;
Itm, Half the small wooden vessels 00:00:10;
Itm, Half the barrels 00:03:00;
Itm, Half an old Bible, half a smoothing iron, & half earthen vessels 00:01:02;
Itm, Three blankets & half & some other cloath 00:12:00;
Itm, All his wearing cloaths 00:10:00;
Itm, Half a cupboard 00:06:00;
Itm, Half a nother cupboard 00:03:00;
Itm, Half one old feather bed and boulster 00:04:00;
Itm, some flax & yarn 00:02:00;
Itm, some wool 00:01:04;
Itm, Half 3 chests 00:05:00;
Itm, Half a saddle & half a chair 00:01:00;
Itm, Half the sieves & weights & sacks with canvases 00:00:06;
Itm; Half two wheels 00:00:06;
Itm, Half two bed stooks 00:01:00;
Itm, xxxxxx & half of raw cloath 00:07:01;
Itm, a quarter of an old boat 00:02:06;
Itm, some xxxxx 00:04:00;
Itm, Half xxxxxxxxxxx 00:01:04;
Item, [bottom of page is too dark to read].
XXX 3TH 1696: WILLIAM MOOR in the behalf of his WIFE CHRISTIAN QUAY enters his claime against the Execr of THOMAS QUAY for the sum of ten shillings due as will be made to appear and craves the Law."




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