Archdeacon Will 1694/5 #19, Malew of Catharine Christian als Saint, made 17 November 1691:

"Be it know unto all men by these presents that I KATHRINE CHRISTIAN ALS SANT widow xxx good cause and considerations xx here--- xxxx and more especially out of the great love and affection which xxxx unto my well beloved DAUGHTER ESTHER CHRISTIAN who hath xxx been the chief help and assistance which I have had ever for---- xxx decease, but xxxx hath behaved herself towards me in the xxxxx manner that a daughter could do in this my decrepit old age be---- for many years past, and having good assurance that my said DAUGHTER will continue her filial duty towards me, and be the only support I can rely and depend upon in my aged condition, I have xxxx given granted and estated by these presents, as my xxxx voluntary deed of gift give grant and estate all my portion of the houses and gardens wherein I now live with all my part of the xxxx all houses belonging to me with all other my goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever be it of what kind or nature soever or by what xxxx or names soever distingusable unto my said loving DAUGHTER ESTHER CHRISTIAN her heirs executors administrators and assigns excepting only six pence apiece to all of my other CHILDREN to be paid to my said children after my decease, she my said DAUGHTER ESTHER to have and to hold the said houses gardens goods moveable and unmoveable to herself her heirs executors and assigns forever without the lett stop hinderance or molestation of me the said xxxx CHRISTIAN my heirs executors administrators and assigns or as other person or persons whatsoever claiming from by or under me in my behalf, and for present possession, and xxxx of all and singular promises I have at the signing and sealing and deliver of these xxxx given unto my said DAUGHTER a piece of money called six pence in to invest and estate her in the real right and title propialy[?] xxxx promises according to the true intent and meaning of these presents, And do declare theis my deed of gift to stand and remain with my said DAUGHER ESTHER CHRISTIAN irrevocable never to be altered or recalled by any other deed will or testament. In witness of I have hereunto subscribed my name and fixed my seal and bound myself for the performance of all the promises in penalty of forty pounds sterling this seventeenth of November 1691. [signed her mark and seal] Kathreine Christian als Saint. Sealed signed and delivered in presence of us: Robt: Callcott, John Boardman, William Cannell.

AT CASTLETOWN THIS 19TH NOV 1691: The within KATH: CHRISTIAN ALS SAINT hath this day acknowledged the within deed of gift to be her acknowleged and desired that this her acknowledgment might be satisfied xxx the Cl---- for her deed of gift and her last will and testament by me, [signed] THO: NORRIS.

THIS DEED OF GIFT being proved before the Deemster the same is accepted of for the last will and testament of the within CATHRINE CHRISTIAN ALS SANT, and WILLIAM CRAINE in the behalf of HIS WIFE is sworn in form of Law. Acceptum est et Solvit 1 shilling.

PLEDGES TO SECURE the office and pay all debts secundum formem legis are HEN: WATERSON and SILL: FAIRBROTHER, whereupon the said WM CRAIN is excused from bringing in an Inventory."




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