Episcopal Wills 1694 Lezayre #2, Katerine Caine

(from MM / LDS 0991647 ) - courtesy of Averil Roper

The last will and testament of Katerine Caine who depted
this life ye 2nd of Octobr 1694  first she committed her soul to god
and her body to Christian Buriall
Imprimis  she bequeathed to her Grandchild Matgrett Curlett as much of
         Russed cloath as would be her a waistcoat.
It       one lamb to her Grandchild Ewan Curlett if it was in
It       she bequeathed to her son Willm Curlett six pence legacie.
It       she bequeathed to her son Ewan Curlett ye [Blancked] that was
         in strife between them.
         Lastly she Constituted and appointed her son Rich: Curlett 
         sole Executor of all the rest of her goods moveable or unmove
         able whatsoever.

         Witnesses     John Knickle
                       Ewan Scarfe        


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