Episcopal Will 1693 Lezayre of Deemster Edward Christian, Esquire, made 14 May 1693:

This is affirmed by the subscribing witnesses to be the last Will of Edward Christian Esqr Deemster, who being in perfect mind and good memory disposed off & settled his worldly concernes as followeth, upon the thirteenth day of May Anno Domi. 1698. First, he left to his Eldest son Ewan Christian his Golden Signet. It. He left to all his children five shillings apeise legasy. It. He willed and desired that his son Edward Christian should have the tenemt of Mullen lewn, he his sd son paying to his mother the sum of fifty pounds in consid’ration thereof and if his wife would not be soe just & kind unto him as to lett him have it that then his sd son Edward was to have one hundred pounds paid him out of his (the Testators) stock & goods. And lastly he left all the rest of his goods to his dear and loveing wife whome he appointed sole Executrix of this his last will and she to dispose off and distribute his goods among his Children as she thought fitt & they best deserv’d. Testes: Jon. Christian, E.W. Curghey, Robert Parr, Nich. Christian, jurati. The Executrix sworn in form of law and hath given pledges to p’form the above will & secure the office subpoena one thousand pounds. Vizt., her sons Mr. Edward Christian & Mr. James Christian their heirs execrs and Admrs as witness their hands, Ewan Christian, James Christian. Probatum est. I John Christian clerk one of the witnesses subscribing to ye above will doe declare by virtue of my oath already taken that upon Sonday late in the evening the next day after making of the above Will the above Edward Christian Deemster (directing his discourse to me) said that he left his intrest in Close Rattliff to ye poor (as I apprehended) that the yearly profits or value thereof to be distributed among them and afterwards upon some motions of his wife & children he left the poor his part of the Close which fell to him by ye will of Rober Clerk & yielded that his son James shud have Rattliffes Close but can not possitivly say that he the Testator was then at his last words in p’fect memory. As witness my hand . . . . ." –typed from a 22 Nov 1932 certified cope of original will, per J.T.Christian, Registrar; found in collected papers of Rita Christian Browne, Manx Museum




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