Archdeacon Will 1691/2 #34 Lezayre, of William Callister, made 18 June 1691:

"Lezayre, June the 18th 1691: In the name of God, amen. I WILLIAM CALLISTER being now sick & inform in body, but of good and perfect memory, I thank my God for it, do make this my last will and testament in manner form following. First, I bequeath my soul to Almighty God & body to Christian burial. I leave and bequeath to the poor at the discretion of my WIFE. Item, I do hereby declare in my conscience that my SON THOMAS was paid before his death, all that I promised him in Contract Bargain, And do likewise further declare that my SON DAN is paid all his portion, and do further leave him a young steer legacy, and not to trouble my Executor any further by reason he hath not as xxx given me an acquittance for his portion which he did promise to give when he got the last heifer from me. Item, I leave unto my SON IN LAW JOHN CLUCAS 2s 6p legacy and that he is near hand paid his portion for which my WIFE to reckon with him. Item, I leave to my SON JOHN a mare colt of two years old. Item, I leave to be due from THOMAS KILLIP 20s which I paid for him in the land we bought betwixt. Item, I leave unto my SON IN LAW JOHN CORLETT a heifer and lastly I constitute and appoint my loving WIFE my true and lawful Executrix of all the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever. [signed his mark] WILLIAM CALLISTER. And further declared it to be his will that for as much as he was behind with his SON IN LAW JOHN CORLETT a considerable sum of the portion he promised him in Contract, that in lieu & consideration thereof he left his said SON IN LAW all the right and title he had in the one half of that parcel of Intack called Carrets Croft of the yearly rent of seven pence, to which his WIFE gave her full consent. [signed his mark] WILLIAM CALLISTER. Witnesses William Kewley, William Caley.

THE EXECUTRIX SWORN IN FORM OF LAW. The Inventory given in by Executrix amounts to 5 pound 0 shilling 0 pence. Pledges for the security of the office in form of law Tho: Killip & John Callister."




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