Archdeacon Will 1691/2 #13 Malew, of Mr. John Barry,

Inventory: "An Inventory of Mr. JOHN BARRY's goods deceased taken by Mr. Nicholas Williams, James Maddrell, Thomas Quork, Robert Qua, sworn men. Imprimis, Two feather beds and 2 boulsters bed steads and currens with trundle bed in the Rubl Chamber 2 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence; Item, eight chairs 0:04:00; Item, 2 trunks one guard of vine one great chest one small desk and a small cabinet 0:06:00; Item, a glascase and some earthen wear 0:02:06; Item, one old clos. stool & pan 0:01:00; Item, 3 old chests one box and one old trunk 0:03:00; Item, 3 beds 3 boulsters and 3 pillows 01:00:00; Item, 1 screw for linen 0:01:06; Item, an old cupboard 0:01:00; Item, 3 little spinning wheels 0:03:00; Item, one old bedstead and a trundle bed 0:03:00; Item, one new deal board 0:00:02; Item, 2 saddles and bridles and one pillion 0:04:00; Item, 2 pair of old books 0:00:09; Item, two feather beds and a boulster with a bedstead and curtains 1:10:00; Item, a cupboard 0:07:06; Item, one chair and a box 0:01:00; Item, dishes & jugs of white ware 0:05:06; Item, one jug tipped with silver 0:05:00; Item, 3 pair & a half of new blankets 0:14:00; Item, 3 pair of blankets 0:09:00; Item, 2 pair of gray blankets 0:04:00; Item, three pair of blankets 0:03:00; Item, 4 coverlets 01:00:00; Item, 7 caddows 0:12:03; Item, one new caddow 0:04:00; Item, four cushions and covers 0:03:03; Item, a shutt of curtains and valents 0:02:006; Item, 24 yards of russet cloth 0:10:00; Item, a little box and little trunk 0:01:06; Item, a deers skin 0:00:03; Item, 2 sheep skins 0:00:03; Item, one pair of shoes (or shoves or shobes) 0:03:00; Item, one hat 0:08:00; Item, 3 brass candlesticks 0:03:xx; Item, 4 pewter candlesticks 0:04:xx; Item, one tankard & 2 pewter bottles 0:01:xx; Item, 6 quarts 0:04:xx; Item, 2 flagons 0:02:xx; Item, 5 sviall (?small) measures of pewter 0:01:xx; Item, 4 porringers 0:01:xx; Item, 3 plates 0:03:xx; Item, 3 chamber pots 0:01:xx; Item, 2 tin covers & a dripping pan and pudding pan & tunell an old pasty pan 0:01:xx; Item, one old salt seller and an old candlestick 00:00:xx; Item, 2 pots and one kettle 0:04:xx; Item, 2 brass pots, one brass kettle, one old skellet, one ig brass skellett, one little fish pan, one brass mortar 0:12:xx; Item, a little skellet, a brass ladle & brass skimmer and one old wall candlestick 0:01:xx; Item, one dripping pan & a spittle & a pair of tongs 2 spits a frying pan and cleever 2 smoothing irons a fire crow 0:06:xx; Item, 4 score and eleven pound of pewter 01:02:xx; Item 21 pound of wool 00:04:xx; Item, a cross bow 0:05:xx; Item, 2 stone and 2 pound of white wool 0:07:03; Item, 2 stone and 6 pound of gray wool 0:04:05; Item, one stone and eight pound of cearwool 0:03:0x; Item, 16 pound of lambwool 0:01:0x; Item, a hogshead 0:02:xx; Item, 6 beer barrels 0:04:xx; Item, 3 ferkins 0:01:xx; Item, 2 herring barrels 0:01:xx; Item, a dozen and a half of glass bottles 0:01:xx; Item, 4 stone bottles 0:00:xx; Item, earthen wear 0:01:xx; Item, a griddle 0:01:xx; Item, 2 kieves 0:02:xx; Item, 2 coulxxxx 0:02:xx; Item, 2 tubs 0:01:xx; Item, 2 old barrels 0:00:xx; Item, a table & frame 0:20:12; Item, a bedstead 0:xx:xx; Item, an old spinning wheel 0:01:xx; Item, small wooden vessels 00:03:xx; Item, 3 old hogsheads and 2 old cast 0:02:xx; Item, 2 dozen of trenchers 0:01:0x; Item, 2 old plows & two old plow beams 0:02:00; Item, a pair of old cart wheels 0:05:00; Item, 2 pair of harrows 0:0x:06; Item, 5 pair of huenson sheets 0:07:06; Item, 2 pair of fine huenson sheets 0:02:00; Item, 3 pair of old huenson sheets 0:02:00; Item, 1 pair of huenson sheets 0:03:00; Item, a pair and a half of fine sheets 01:12:00; Item, 12 pillow biers 0:03:xx; Item, 7 towels 00:01:xx; Item, a fine diaper table cloth and 15 napkins of the same 0:09:xx; Item, one diaper table cloth and a dozen napkins of the same 0:05:xx; Item, 2 flaxen table cloths and two dozen of flaxen napkins 0:07:xx; Item, anold flaxen table & a dozen napkins 0:12:xx; Item, a doze of new flaxen napkins 0:06:0x; Item, a huckaback table cloth and a dozen of napkins of the same 0:05:0x; Item, 3 table cloths 0:01:00; Item, 4 cows and one calf 02:05:00; Item, a cow in Colby 00:10:00; Item, a cow in CegNease 0:8:0x; Item, 7 horses and a colt 2:00:0x; Item, the gray horse 0:15:00; Item, for 2 swords and belts 0:07:06; Item, for a settle and a form 0:01:00; Item, for 65 pound of old iron xx:4:00; Item, 27 ounces and a quarter of plate 3:08:01; Item, 1 small kettle 00:00:0x; Item, sheep 99, 4:06:xx; Item, lambs 47, 00:15:xx; ten scon floucks of barley at eight pence per flouck 3:06:08; fifty flouck of oats at four pence half penny per flouck 00:09:04; for half a boat 00:10:00.

THE TUITION OF THE CHILDREN with the goods are in the hands of the wife who hath given pledges in form of Law Mr. Henry Norris and Mr. Charles Moore.

NOVEMBER 2ND 1691: ALICE BANKS ENTERS her claim against the Executors of Mr. JOHN BARRY for the just sum of 3 pounds 3 shillings due debt as will be made to appear by the petitioner craveth the Law."




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