Archdeacon Will 1691/2 #39 Ramsey, Maughold, of Dorothy Christian als Allen, died about 3 December 1689:

"Ramsey 1691: DOROTHY CHRISTIAN ALIAS ALLEN departed this life about the 3rd day of December 1689 instant, whereof the Church having intelligence hath decreed for her CHILDREN vizt., JOHN, THOMAS, ROBERT, HESTER MARGARET CHRISTIAN sole and joint Administrators all her goods moveable and immoveable what soever, the next of kin on the mother's side vizt., the uncles and aunts are sworn supervisors and a Legacy to the HUSBAND upon light of the Inventory. The husband sworn in form of law. MR. THOMAS ALLEN, ROBERT ALLEN, ROBERT CHRISTIAN & THOMAS CURLETT are sworn in behalf of themselves and the rest of the overseers.

RAMSEY, JUNE THE 2ND 1690: THE INVENTORY of the goods of DOROTHY CHRISTIAN ALIAS ALLEN deceased taken by 4 sworn men Will: Xtian, John Kenon, Philip Corled, & Ewan Kerrish. In primis, half the 18 pounds of pewter with a brass candlestick 0 pound 09 shilling 00 pence; Half of 2 tables 2s 6p, form 2p, & 3 stools 1s 3p, 0:03:11; Half 8 trenchers 3p, 2 tubs 4p, a big tub 8p, 0:01:03; Do 4 cans 8p, 3 cans 2p, 7 nogins 3p, 0:01:01; Do xx wooden dishes 5p, 2 skilads & pan 9p, 00:01:02; Do Cradles 8p, a noggin or medar 1p of 00:00:09; Do 2 pots & pot hooks 00:03:06; Do 2 wheels 00:01:09; Do 14 dayles & bench 00:06:03; Do 3 bottles and other earthen ware in the house 00:00:05; Do 2 earthen potengers 3p, half griddle 3p; 00:00:06; Do harrows 8p & short pair of nets 1s 30; 00:01:11; Do 7 pound & 1/2 yarn 00:01:00; Do woolen wheels wood & 3 barrels 21 p, 00:01:08; Do unwrought flax 00:00:4; Do an old brewing pan & another pan at 8p per in weight 20 pound 00:06:06; Do 2 barrels & firlet of salt at 6s per barrel 0:07:00; Do fishing line & hand line 00:01:01; Do frnie[?] pan spade & 2 ropes 00:01:01; Do 2 saddles 15 p, stake board 4p, beam knife with another 00:01:09; Do spit tripetts & clever in weight 5 pound 00:00:05; Do 3 sickles 3p, ladder 1p, salt box 1p, sack & canvas 00:01:00; Do 2 old barrels 00:01:00; Do spens 4 blankets 00:03:00; Do 3 caddows 00:01:00; Do 3 feather beds with boulsters 00:18:00; Do 1/2 heckel 1p & 2 pillow beetz 6p, 00:00:07; Do, 3 pound of candles & tallow 00:00:05; Do bed stock 00:01:03; Do 2 chests 00:03:06; Do 4 pound & 2 pound woolen yarn 00:00:09; The chamber 5 barrels and churn 00:03:09; Do chest & boe 00:01:04; Do 2 caddows 00:03:06; one blanket 1s, carpet 3p, & bed stock 1s 9p, 00:03:00; Do curtains 00:xx:xx; Half of 5 dozen and 1/2 of wrought ledar at 18 p per dozen 00:03:0x; Do pair of tow cards 3p, woolen cards 4p 00:00:0x; Do 9 pound of wool at 4p per pound 00:01:0x; Do a doss of napkins 00:02:xx; Do an old pair of cards xx 10 pound of wool at 2p of per pound 00:01:0x; Do 4 cleft boards & dayle 0:01:xx; Do kieve 2s, a car 6p, 2 shears 5p, 00:08:xx; Do an old barrel 00:00:0x; On the house of the hill 17 boards of oak and dayles 0:08:xx; Do 1 bowl & firlet of barley at 9 shillings per bowl 00:06:px; Do 7 sheets at 3 shillings per sheet 00:10:xx; Do 9 yards of linen at 8 pence per yard 00:03:xx; Do 6 yards and 1/2 of linen 00:01:xx; Do 4 yards of table cloth 00:01:xx; Do 7 yards and 1/2 of linen 00:03:xx; Do 4 blankets 00:08:xx; Do 2 blanket 00:01:xx; Do coverlet 00:05:xx; Do coarse sheet & a yard of hewrdsen cloth pp:pp:xx; Do 4 yards of red kearsey 00:03:xx; Do 10 yards of black stuff at 20p per yard 00:08:xx; Do 30 old cask 00:15:xx; Do 2 hogshead & 2 tubs 00:04:xx; Do 7 stoods 2p, kishen 1p & creels 2p 00:00:xx; Do 6 sheep with lambs at 20p per sheep 00:05:xx; Do 3 muttons & 3 ewes 00:04:xx; Do 1 cow & calf 00:14:xx; Do 1/2 a heifer 00:02:xx; Do 1 cow & calf 00:14:xx; Do a cow 00:12:xx; Do chest 00:04:xx; Do 3 horses with an old horse 01:05:xx; Do 1/2 of a calf a year old 00:00:xx; Do a quarter of a steer of 2 years 00:00:xx; Do 20 felts & skins 00:00:xx; Do 5 pound and 3 quarter of flax[?] at 8 pence pound which ANN hath received 00:02:1x; The executors part of the mortgaged lands in the drinn 03:02:xx; For Patrick Stole's land 00:15:xx; For Capt. Sayle's land 01:00:xx; Half the house on the Hill 03:00:xx; Half the house at Port Luage 00:1x:ox; 2 jests at 00:01:0x; Half a pig 6p, 1 quarter of a kieve 00:01:06: Do 2 pair of new blankets in the tuk mill 00:08:00; Do grate, racken tree; Do house & chamber; Do 2 silver spoons & a broken spoon 00 03:00; Do plow with irons 00:00:06; Do scowl monys 01:05:06; Do sword & 2 belts & 2 old cask 00:02:00; Do in MOTHER IN LAW ALLEN's hand 02:10:00; Do the corn sown in the ground computed to be about 3 bowls at 9 shilling per bowl 00:13:06. TOTAL 27:16:9. T

HERE TO BE DEDUCTED out of the above Inventory as due to the FORMER WIFE'S CHILDREN as appears in Record the sum of 26:03:11. Rest clear 01:12:10. More in Mr. THOMAS ALLEN's hands of the mother's portion 03:07:02. The price of an ox & cow 02:05:02. More of Xtning money 00:16:00; Half a heifer 4 years old 00:09:00; A cow and half a calf at ARTHUR COWLES UPON HALF INWEAS.

THE GOODS IN THE HAND OF MR. THOMAS ALLEN who hath given pledges for the forthcoming of the same, Robert Christian & Robert Allen.

NOTE THAT nexx hath received 3 yard 2 pound of cloth at 20 pence per yard, also in buttons besides with Ann: hath already paid.

AUGUST THE 21, 1700: THOMAS & ROBERT CHRISTIAN came this day before me, with their FATHER JOHN CHRISTIAN and have acknowledged that they are fully paid all that part of goods due to them by the death of their MOTHER DOROTHY CHRISTIAN being inall but four pounds or thereabouts, And therefore do discharge and acquit their UNCLE MR. THOMAS ALLEN in whose hands the said goods was, his bonds men and their executors from the same for each by these presents as witness their subscription the day and year above written, [signed] THOMAS XTIAN, ROBERT XTIAN. Witness hereof Robert Parr.

KNOW ALL MEN WHOM IT MAY CONCERN that we JOHN & HESTER CHRISTIAN late of Ramsey, but now of Donnabadse in the kingdom of Ireland do acknowledge, that we are fully paid all that part of goods due to us by the death of our MOTHER COROTHY CHRISTIAN, being in all bur four pounds or thereabouts. And therefore do discharge, and acquit our UNCLE MR. THOMAS ALLEN in whose hands the said goods was, his bondsmen, and their Executors from the same forever by these presents; As witness our subscription this 21 of April 1701. [signed] JOHN CHRISTIAN, ESTER CHRISTIAN. Witness present Jraid:[?] Allen. Let this be recorded, Robert Parr."




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