Archdeacon Will 1690/1 #41, Arbory, of Catharine Bridson als Joughin, Deed of Gift:

"KK Arbory June 9th 1690:
Know all men by these presents that I Katharine Bradson (alias) Joughin of the parish above mentioned, diverse good causes and considerations me moveing, and especially for the affection I have toward my Son Nicholas Bradson in regard of his trouble and care toward me in the condition I am at presently, have given granted and resigned unto my said Son Nicholas by way of deed of gift all her right title and interest of all xxx goods chattels and debts belonging, or may belong or appertain hereafter unto the said Kathrine Bradson, as well bills bonds and xxxxx, unto her Son Nicholas Bradson whither in her possession at present or in whosoever hands the goods or debts do lie in, that she has relinquished and past over wholly her peculiar xxxx land propriety by virtue of this deed of gift unto her Son Nicholas revoking and annulling all bargains or wills made formerly that may any wise prejudice or hinder this present deed: and he the said Nicholas to sue xxxx and xxxx all debts and goods either by Law or otherwise whatsoever was or may be due unto his said Mother Kathrine Bradson without any change or alteration of this her present deed of gift: provided always xxx that the said Nicholas Bradson does bind himself his heirs executors and assigns by these presents to maintain and furnish his said mother with all things necessary from the date of these presents during her natural life; and her said Son Nicholas to possess and enjoy all that belongs to her and whatsoever is contained in this present writing and this her lawful deed of the latter day, as also what her Son Nicholas may sue claim or xxxx in her life time whatsoever properly belongs unto his said mother; in witness of all and singular the premised she the said Kathrin Bradson has set to her mark to be her real act and deed the day and year above written; and delivered the same before us.
[signed her mark] Katharin Bridson als Johen.
Witnesses: William Norris, Gilbert Karran, Sam: Robinson.

30th June 1690: The above William Norris and Mr. Sam: Robinson two of the above witnesses (the other being not present) have deposed the above deed of gift to be the act and deed of Kath: Bredson Als Joughen, and to be true in every particular; And further they declare upon their oaths, that she the said Kath: was then in perfect sense and memory as xxxx she was; to their best apprehension & knowledge, and declared herself at the signing and deliverings of the same before them as fxxx as xxx should any thinxx before; And acknowledged the said deed as sensible of any woman could do.. Before me, Tho: Norris.

The Deed Of Gift being proved before the Deemster is accepted of for the last will and testament of Kath: Bridson and her Son Nicholas is sworn in Court in form of Law.
Acceptum et Solvit 1 shilling.
Pledges to secure the office and pay all debts xxx Cubon & xxx Norris.

October 5th 1691: William Taggart enters his claim against the Executor of his Mother In Law Kathrine Bridson Als Joughin for the sum of 30 shillings due debt for cattle xxx and other things as will be made to appear & craveth the Law.
October 28th 1691: Henry Radcliffe enters his claim against the Executor of his Mother In Law Kath: Bridson for 40 shillings xxxx of his portion & xxxx xxxxxxxxx all which is for a cow to be value of 29 xx due debt & craveth the Law.
October 31, 1691: Henry Radcliffe, William Taggart, & William Bridson enter their claim and make complaint against Nicholas Bridson the present Executor or Administrator of their Mother Kath: Bridson for the wrongfully deliver of certain goods and chattels due to them by the death and will of their said Mother & craveth the Law."


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