Archdeacon Will 1689 #23 Santan, of Thomas Moore

Thomas died 1689, includes marriage contract of John Moore + Margaret Moore

August the 30th 1674,  
Conditions of Marriage agreed upon betwixt Tho: Moore  on the one party  
and  Margarett Oates on the other party both  in the parish of KK St Anne as followeth:

First, it is mutually agreed upon that John Moore 
son unto Margaret Oates shall come to holy church and marry  Margarett Moore 
daughter to Tho: Moore  at or before the feast of All Saints [1 Nov] next ensuinge
the date hereof, Thomas Moore and his wife Margaret Ronane doth pro=
mise there daughter in dowry with her husband  John Moore halfe [lost]
their goods and  lands at this [lost in tear] and John Moore  doth also 
promise his father in law Tho: Moore half his tenement and  half of 
his goods until such time as the young couple be able to live upon 
themselves, then if Tho: Moore please  he is to have his own land again 
to live upon, at which[?] tyme they are to sowe the tenement and crofts 
and Thomas Moore is to have half of what corn remains that year after 
sowing Tho: Moore doth promise when either he or his wife doth 
die then the young couple is to have the other quarter of there goods & lands 
and then the quarter that remaineth in the hand of the longer liver of the 
old couple shall be  at their disposinge if they be in need further it is 
agreed upon if Margaret Moore  John Moore's wife die without issue 
then the crofts and land that was promised in dowery shall return to her 
father Thomas Moore if he live or to his next of kin and [tear] performe all 
this above  written they have bound themselves and each to other [tear] forfeiture 
of ten pounds as witness our hands and names the [torn] and yeare above
Margaret Cxxlow alias Oates 
her hand and mark,  
Thomas Moore his marke
John Moore his marke  
Margaret Ronane her marke  
Margaret Moore her marke  

Witnesses  Edmond Moore his X 
John Kelly his X   
Martin Moore his X   
Hugh Cosnahan.   

February ye 16th 1675 
This day  Sir Hugh Cosnahan and Martin Moore 
came before me and have deposed yt ye above  bargain of 
contract was yr voluntarie acte and deed of Tho: Moore and his 
wife  Margartt: Moore als Rowan in every particular []
.  Tho: Fletcher.


This contract being proved be[]
ye Deemster is accepted of for ye
last will of Tho: Moore, and
son John Moore is sworn to[]
according to the purport of ye sd

Acceptum est & solvit 1s

THE INVENTORY OF THE GOODS of THOMAS MOORE lately deceased being prized by 4 sworn men, viz., Peter Quirk, Jo: Quinney, Andrew Oates, and Hugh Kinish; and they find the goods of the said THO: MOORE to amount to the sum of 3 pounds 15 shillings 3 pence.

PLEDGES ACCORDING TO LAW Thomas Moore and Hugh Kinnish.

DECEMBER 2ND 1690: THOMAS QUAY enters his claim against the Executor of THOMAS MOORE for the sum of 40 shilling or pence on the account of breach of a bargain of barley land as will be made to appear and craveth the Law.




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