Archideaconal Will 1688-2 Ballaugh, of Isable Corlett als Kneale

includes marriage contract of son Wm Corlett + Margaret Corlett

May ye 4th Anno dom 1686
Articles of marriage agreed concluded and condescended upon: []
betwixt William Curleod and Margt Curleod both of ye prish of kk
Christ of ye Ayre; first ye sd Wm: and Margt: is to prceed into ye holly
estate of matrimony on ye 18th day of this instant May, god and
holly church allowing the sam -
First Patt: Curleod and his wife Issable Curleod alias Kneale
father and mother to ye sd Wm Curleod, doe give unto ye sd Wm an
Margt in cotract bargaine halfe of all there goods lands & houses
of what nature soev er moveable and unmoveable in prsent possess-
on; and ye other halfe after ye discease of ye longer liver of ye
sd patt or his wife Issable except 20s that they leave at there own
dispossing at the latter day - secondly Wm: Kneale and Phillip
Curleod doe binde themselves there executors or assigns for the
true prformance of paying the sum of 3 sterling as dowry
or porcon to ye sd young couple which 3 pound being left to ye
sd Margt Curleod by her fathers last will, And for ye prform=
ance of ye articles above sd both prtys doe binde themselves in
penalty of 20 pound sterling ye one halfe to ye honourable Lord
And ye other halfe to y prty prformorming bargaine where unto we
have interchangeably [sic] sett to our hands and marcks the day and year
above sd.
    Patt Curleod my mrk
    Issabe Kneale my Mrk
    Wm Kneale my mrk
    Phillip Curleod my mrk
    Wm Curleod my mrk
    Mrgrt Curleod my mrk
Wittnesses present
Will: Curleod
Will: Quayle

Feb the 21th 1688/9
The wthin named Patt Curlett the father and William
the son came this day and acknowledged all the wthin
premisses to be their mutuall agreement as wthin
expressed before me
Edw Christian
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This contract being proved before ye Deemster
is accepted of as ye last will & testament of Isable
Curlod & accordingly her husband is sworne
admistr in forme of law during his life and then
the executorp is to return to his son according
to ye contract
acceptum est et solvit 1s 

Pleadges to secure ye office & to pay all
debts & what is required according to law
Tho Crow ? & Edmond Curlett


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