Archideaconal Will 1687-1 Rushen, of Gilbert Gell

includes marriage contract of son Wiolliam Gell + Cath Watterson

Aprill 21th 1685
Articles of marriage concluded and agreed
upon betwixt Gilbert Gell(one the on party)
in the behalfe of his son William Gell and
Christian his wife in the behalfe of her daughter
Catharen Watterson as followeth

first the foresd William Gell and Catharen
Watterson shall mette at the holy church of
Trinity Rushen, in K Xt parish & there
to enter into the holy state of matrimony
if God and holy church permitt the same, &
that before whitesontide after this date

2ly Gilbert Gell gives to his son William Gell the
halfe of his goods that he is now possessed off, and
at the latter day, the other halfe exceptinge
six shillings that is at the disposal of the
foresd Gilbert to [] he please

3ly Christian Gell wife to her husband Gilbert Gell
gives the halfe of her goods in portion to her
daughter, now at their marriage; and the
other half at her decease exceptinge halfe
a crowne that she the aforesd Xtian Gell is to
dispose of at the latter day

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For the conclusion of all the prmises [tear]
within partys have subscribed their names and 
bound themselves in the penalty of ten pound
ad usu: Domi
Wittnesses             Gilbert Gell his mrk
Ed [Xd thru]           Christian Gell her mrk
                       Will Gell his mrk
                       Catharen Watterson her mrk
Although this above written is signed the above
sd Xtian, has bequeathed her houses to her
son John Watterson wth the consent of
her husband & the younge couple
William Gell & catharen Watterson
Wittnesses             Gilbert Gell X
William Gawne X        Christian Gell X
Philip Gell (xd thru)  Wm Gell X
Rich Taylor X          Catha: Watterson X
Jo: Cotter X
Will: Watterson X
Wm Caroone X
Hen: Watterson X

June the 4? th 1687
John Cotter Will Corowne Henry Watterson and []
Cottier wittnesses to the above and with premisses
have deposed the same to be the mutuall agreem[]
of the parties this before me
Edw Christian

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Gifts promsed
John Cotter 4 [] of malt
William Taylor 1 ewe lambe
of Balleyquinney

This contract being proved before ye Deemster is accepted
according to ye purport thereof; & as for ye 6s reserved by ye within
Gilbt Gale to his own dispose it is decreed in court yt []
Gilbt made no will yt his 4 children vizt Jo: Phil: Margt &
[?ilor]shall be joynt admrs of ye forsd 6s
[line xd thru] Wm gell
sworn to pay all debts as far as the goods will extend
Acceptum est et solvit 1s
Pledges according to law Lewis Credeene & Jo: Nelson
[on an attached sheet]
Trinity Rushen Octber 13th 1688
the inventory of Gilbert Gell praized
by 4 sworne men vizt Jo: Hutchen
Jo: Taylor Jo: Nelson & Jo: Cotter
who having a view taken of all the
severall goods chattles & moveables
doe praize the value of them to be
ye totall sume of 3 3s 1d
Debts to be adjusted
on the deads part is 2 - 9 -1


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