Archideaconal Will 1687 book 1 Patrick, of Alice Quilliam [?als Finch] als Crellin

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Includes Marriage contract for Henry Quilliam + Isabel Finch

Articles of marriage concluded & agreed upon by & be=
twixt Philip Quilliam in behalf of his son Henry and
Alice Crellin wife of sd Philip in behalf of her sd daughter
Isabel Finch as followeth

Imprmis It is agreed & concluded upon by & betwixt ye parties aforesd
that ye Henry Quilliam & Issable Vinch shall enter into ye holy
state of marriage God & his church permitting ye same at or
before ye feast of St Andrews next.

2dly It is agreed upon & condescended unto that ye said Philip Quilliam
and his wife Alice shall & doe hereby give unto their said children
Henry & Issable half of ^all^ ye lands & tenements now in their possession
half of the crop of corne; half of the teame at plow with half
of all ye geares & utensils belonging to the working of the farme or
said land and the other half of all these to ye said young couple
and their issue after ye death of the longer liver of ye said Philip
& Alice his wife save only a bowle of barley & a bowle of drie
corne wch is reserved out of ye whole & to be paid by ye said Henry
unto his sister Ellin if it be not paid or otherwise discharged
by his father Philip Quilliam before his death but if souner required it is
to be paid betwixt them ye sd Philip & Henry his son.

3dly It is covenanted & condescended unto that ye said Alice Crellin doth
hereby give unto her daughter Issable [] a quarter part of all the
goods [in or] in her [own or] husbands possession and ye other quarter part
(wch is all belonge to her by law) after her decease save only the
riding horse & twenty shillings to be at her own free disposal.

4thly It is covenanted & agreed uon that if in case it shall please God
that ye young couple die without issue that then the said
Issable or her executrs shall have & enjoy for her part of the
crop of corne twenty shillings; but in case there be issue and
she happen to remove then she is to have none but ye heir enjo[edge worn]
ye crop

5thly It is covenanted & agreed upon that ye said Henry in considerat[ion]
of his fathers patronall portion aforesd doth hereby acquitt exon[er=]
rate & discharge his said father of & from all [] goods quit
claims & demands that he might have or now hath by ye death of his
mother & brother [kipriagt?] his said father his executrs & admstrs
for ever [] present
For performance hereof & singular ye premises each partie
have bound themselves each to other in ye penaltie of thirtie
pounds sterl ye one half to ye honble Lord of this Isle ye other
half to ye partie grieved In testimony whereof they have
hereunto subscribed their signes manuall this 10th of October
anno Domini 1682           Philip Quilliam mrk
signed & delivered         Alice Quilliam als Crellin her mrk
in presence of             Henry Quilliam mrk
(note yt ye word all in    Issable Vinch her mrk
ye 3rd line of ye 2nd article
was interlined before ye signing hereof
John Quilliam X  Tho Clucas X
Rich Clucas X

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May the 29th 1688
Phillip Quilliam the father and Henry Quilliam his son
came this day and ackowledged all the wthin premises to be their
mutuall agreement as so written before me  Edw Christian

This contract is accepted as ye last will of Alice 
Crellin and ye 20s therein reserved is to be paid
by Henry Quilliam according to ye sd Alice dispo]
nist to her son John Vinch 10?s and to her daugh:
ter Alice Quirk 13s and ye horse to her husband
who with another [] hath declared in court this
to be her dispose of these prticulars; and in regard th[]
deceadt left all her woolen & linnen to her fore
sd daughter yet ye court for a friendly agreement be=
twixt ye prties hath ordered yt ye daughter shall have
one halv of cloathes of wollen & linnen
acceptum est et prbatum et solvit 12d
The inventory included in this disposal and
Hen: Quilliam is sworne to pay all debts
[] his childrens rights in ye goods of
ye decadt & to fulfil ye law & hath
accordingly given pledges in ye will of his wife


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