Archideaconal Will 1685 book 1 Michael, of William Quayle

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Includes Marriage contract for William Caine + daughter Mally Quayle

I'm not 100% confident of my reading of William Caine a common name in Michael - could be Carine,though this name is usually confined to Rushen + Arbory the 1st occurance is smudged as is the 3rd as though partially erased tho one witness is def Caine (the others look like Caxxne with xx having a dot but looks wrong for 'i') ]

Articles of mariage concluded condiscended and
agreed upon between William Quaile and his wife
Isabel Keane of Glonegie,[?=Glion ny guiy near Orristal] on the one partie and
William Caine of Renegerge ? [?= Ren Jirg Kk German]  on the other partie
as followeth

First it is agreed upon that the sd William Caine
and Mally Quaile daughter to the abovesd
William Quaile shall enter into the bands ? of holy
matrimony att or before the 20th day of January
next insueing the date hereof and the sd
William Caine shall have in dowry with his, if 
it please God to to give them any issue all the sd
William Quailes lands and goods, wither bought
by him, or held by mortgage all of them after the
death of the longer liver of the sd William
Quaile of his wife and att present but half of
them in possession.

Secondly it is agreed upon by both partyes that if the
sd William Caine and Mally Quaile shall
have noo children between them
that then the sd Will Caine his heirs executors
or assignes shall have but half the lands and
goods of all sorts whatsoever from the sd will
Quaile and his wife Isable Keane for which he
is to pay forty shilling to the executors or assignes
of the said will: and Isable for them which he is
to have half as above sd of all his lands & goods
and to witness this to be their fill intent act
and deed all partyes have interchangeably sett
to their hands this 4th day of January 1674
Witness                   William Quaile mrk
Charles Christian         Isable Kean mark
John Quaile               William Caine? mrk
John Caine  his mark

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December the 21th 1681
The wthin named Mr Charles Christian and John Carine two [of]
the wittnesses to the wthin contract, the other being sicke ha[ve]
this day deposed all the within contract to be the mutuall
agreement of the wthin parties as within written before m[e]
Edw: Christian

This contract is accepted for ye last will &
testamt of Wm Quaile ^& his wife^ & Will Caine ? their son
in law is sworne according to law
acceptum est et solvit
pleadges to secure ye office & to pay all debts
& what is incumbent in ye [] John Caine
and Patr Curlott

Novr 5th 1686
Philip Cluag enters his claim agt ye executr of
Will Quaile for 10s due debt & craveth ye law


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