Archideaconal Will 1685 #10 Arbory, Elizabeth Bell [als Callin] als Quay and also Christian Corrin

From LDS Film #0106205

Includes Marriage contract for William Corrin + Margaret Callin

Libro 1682 December 14th 1679
Articles of marriage condescended unto concluded & agreed upon betwixt
Christian Corrin late wife to Wm Corrin of Colbe in yt prish of KK Arbory
by her consent & power given by her to her attorneyes & messenger Wm
Cuben & Hen: Waterson her friends & neighbours & Wm Corrin son to the
sd Christian Corrin in ye one prt And Eliz: Bell als Quay for & in behalf
of her daughter Margt Callin of ye prish of KK Malew on ye other prt as

1mis It is consented unto concluded & agreed upon betwixt ye sd prties yt sye said
Wm Corrin & Margt Callin shall meet together at ye prish church of kk 
Malew & there be joyned together in ye holy estate of matrimony God & holy
church permitting the same before Candlemas next.

2ly It is consented unto concluded & agreed upon & ye sd Wm Cuben & Henry Wat=
terson doth in ye behalf & for & in ye name of ye said Christian Corrin
mother to ye said Wm Corrin prmieth & bindeth ymselves and by these
prsents doe bind ymselves yt ye sd Wm Corrin & Margt Callin now to be
his wife shall have possess & enjoy with his own (to wit ye sd Wm's) quarter
shall have yt quarter of all ye geares & estate of & belonging to ye said Christian
Corrin to wit of ye houses lands goods and of all worldly poossessions what=
soever yt she possesseth ; and in yt case ye sd Wm Corrin & Margt his wife
doe use well ye said Christian Corrin then ye sd Wm & Margt are to have pos=
sess & enjoy all ye goods of what kind soever immediately after her death, to all
wch above specified ye sd Wm Cuben & Henry Waterson doth bind ymselves
yt ye sd Christian shall to this prsent contract & agreemt subscribe to make
good all ye premises save only a legacie to be disposed by ye sd Christian at
her death as she shall soe []

3ly It is consented unto concluded & agreed upon & ye forsd Elizabeth Bell als
Quay doth prmise and by these prsents doth promise bargain & bind herself or
execrs admrrs & assignes to endow or give in marriage goods to ye sd Willm
Corrin with her sd daughter Margt Callin half of all her worldly goods
whatsoever when they please after their intermarriage & all ye other half of
her worldly goods whatsover excepting a legacie of a blankett after her
death. And for ye performance of all & singular ye prmises in every
ye prticular all ye aforenamed persons aforenamed or specified have bound ym=
selves executrs admstrs & assignes in ye penaltie & forfeiture of 30 sterl:
the one half to ye Ld of ye Isle & ye other half to yr prtie or prties grieved. In
witness whereof they have hereunto subscribed ye day & year first above
                                       Willm Cuben his mrk
                                       Henry Corrin his mrk
Signed & delivered in ye               Eliz: Bell als Quay her mrk
prsence of
John ell his mrk
John Quilliam his mrk
John Bell nauk his mrk
Patr Credeene his mrk
John Shimin his mrk
Willm Corrin his mrk

Feb 24th 1680/81
This day Christian Corrin hath acknowledged her
consent to all ye premises specified within this bargain
and hath freed her attorneyes from all trouble
hereafter therein, to wit Wm Cuben & Hen Waterson
thereupon ye said Christian Corrin hath sett to her
hand mark ye day & yeare above written
before us
John Shimin           By me Christian Corrin
Sam: Robinson          my mrk manuall X

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Jan 21 1682/3
John Shimin Wm Corrin & Patrick Credeene have deposed all
the within bargain in every prticular to be true, & Mr Sam Robinson
& John Shimin have deposed that Christian Corrin gave her full consent
thereto, freed her attorneyes & subscribed & putt to her own mark as
within expressed, & this at ye request of ye Deemster before me
Thom: Norris

note yt ye words daughter Xtian should be son Willm
The within contract is accepted of as ye last will & testament
of Christian Corrin & her only daughter Christian Corrin is
sworne execr in form of law to pay all debts & performe all
duties incumbent vizt Hen: Watterson & Thom Moore
Exam: per me Sam: Watleworth Reg Archd

This is accepted as ye last will & testamt of the within
Elizabeth Bell als Quay and her daughter Margt
Callin is sworne according to law who hath given
pledges to secure ye office Nich: Bridson & Tho
acceptum est et solvit 12d


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