Archdeacon Will 1675 #67 Maughold of Margaret Callow als Christian, made 1675/6:

"KK Maughold 1675/6: This is affirmed to be ye last will and testament of Margt Callow als Christian. Imprimis she committed her soule to God and body to Xtian burial. Item, to her husband Robert Callow her part of the ryding horse. Item, to her eldest son Robert a sheep and a lamb at May. To her mother her shoes and stockings, her wearing apron and a halfe kerchiffe, also a payre of godys of new hureden cloath. Item, to her servant Ellin Cliage a red under wasecoat & a new quife. Igtem, she bequeathed to her eldest son her halfe of ye crop, her halfe of the teame and her halfe of all the geares belonging to the harness. Item, she bequeathed to her husband and ye eldest son 2 xxx of wool to be spun for cloaths for themselves. Item, she constituted an d ordained her 4 children Edmd, Mally, Bessie, and Cath: Callow her true and lawful Executors of all th rest of her goods moveable and immoveable whatsoever. estes John Christian, Wm Cubbon, jurati. Probatum est et solvit 12d. The father & Edmond one of the children at age are sworn in form of law. The inventory within 14 days subpoena 20s."

The Inventory of Margt Christian for ye year 1676 at K Maughold Ballatersine: half of fledge & a blanket & a halfe 8 shillings 00 pence; bedclothes 6s 00d; and a feather bed 3s 06d; 2 pare of nets 12s 00d; 1 pound of flax 9d; for tow 7d; fishinge lynes and ropes and bags 3s 01d; 1 pound of treed[?] 2d; small wheel & a pare of cards 1s 00d; petticoat and awascoage 6d; a lattar & a crattle & a pangerr 2s 00d; old barrel 5s 00d; for kissons 6d; for sackes 3s 00d; for meal & corne 13s 06d; for herrings 1s 00d; for chease 1s 00d; for little vessels & sickles 3s 00d; 1 pewter plate 1s 04d; half a furlet of salt 1s 00d; for sheep 8s 00d; great wheels and xxxx of cards xxs 00d; for a pole 2s 00d; for a gridle 3d; for a stare[?steer] 1s 00d; for horses 2 pounds 10s 00d; for cattle 3 pounds 03s 00d; hens and goose 2s 00d; 1 quarter of ye boate 7s 06d. This sum is all of ye children’s half ye whole sum of. Whatsoever you shall receive this Inventory for ye whole with this is ye whole sum of 10 pounds 6 shillings 10 pence. The goods in the hands of the husband who hath given pledges according to law Wm Christian clark of KK Maughalls, Wm Callof of the said parish, and Wm Crow of ye gayrey in KK Xt Ley ayre."




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