Alice Christian (als Tear), Andreas 1675

This is affirmed to bee the Last Will and Testament of Ales Christian alis Tear, being in perfect memorie commited her soule to God and her body to Christian buryall.

It. She bequeathed to ye poore di[½] firlot of oatemeale, 3 quarts of barly and a mutton to be distributed at Hollantide.
It. She left to Donll Tear and his son to each of 3d. It. To Kathe Bittle 6d.
It. To her husband the price of ye mutton hee sould to Thos Corlett and her right of another they killed for the house.
It. To Joh. Crebbin 6d. It. To Margt Lowne 6d.
It. Shee left to Ric'd Knale's son a ew and another to Will. Killy. It. To Jony Tear another ew.
It. She left to Cathe Crebbin a sheepe.
It. She constituted and ordained her father sole executor of all goods whatsoever movable and unmovable yt belongt to her.
It Shee bequeathed, also to Margt Tear alis Gawne her holyday suite of cloathes.
It. Shee left to Cathe Cowle her chest with what was in it and also to Kathe Bittle the other sister 3d.

The Executor sworne in forme of law


Joh. Crebbin Margt Tear alis Gawne )Jurati


The Invent priced by Will Cletor, Will Skally and Robt Killy
...................amounts to 1 1 0

also by pay'd 2 0 0

Pledges in forme of law by Joh Sayle and Robt Killy the executor at lawful years and the goods in .................
have discharged the pledges.

Dec 16th 1675

Some contencon arising touching the legality of this Will in regard of ye witnesses hath given the Court occacon, at ye request of the executor, to take what further proofe can be produced for the better confirmation thereof.

Jony Teare sworn and examined sayth that the above testatrix being turn'd away by her husband, she was compelled to become to a beggar and had utterly perished had not ye deponent entertained her in his house, who further saith that she sayd if her father would looke to her, hee should have all her goods that were due unto her upon which the deponent having given him notice, he came and so tooke her away and further saith not.

Joney Teare sworn and examined saith that shee heard ye testatrix say that if her stepmother would intertaine her, shee would leave her all her goods. This was spoken on her death bed and her father at that time bringing her to his own house on his back. She dyed two nights after and further saith not, only yet declareth that ye testatrix further said to ye deponent that if shee would intertaine her and looke to his sd daughter shee should have what goods shee had.

Wm Cowle Sworn and examined sayth the morning before the testatrix dyed hee came to visit her and shee asking him whether her father was gone for the minister. Hee replied what are you soe weake that you neede the minister and againe asked to where shee would leave her goods she replyed that she left them to her father and this she spake being in pertect memory and further saith not.

This will is reported valid in respect of ye ................................. witnesses and ye matteriall circumstances and .......................... to the Court.

Pbatm est..................

Salvo tamen unicumque jure ?


Ales (Alice) Christian alias Tear was obviously quite a young woman. No children are mentioned and her husband isn't named.
However, James Xtian married Alice Tear 1 Dec 1674 Andreas. Alice Christian Als Tear buried 5 Dec 1675 Andreas.
Which Christian family James came from. I have no idea - someone might claim him. I was just intrigued by the "story".

Finally - if anyone has any information on the Christians of Ballacorry, Andreas, from the time of and going back from Daniel Christian who died in 1767, I would be very grateful.

Transcription appears courtesy of David Christian and first appeared in Journal IoMFHS vol 22 #4 Nov 2000.




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