Episcopal Will 1674 book 1 Arbory, of Isable Craij

includes marriage contract of son Robert Keown and Margaret Croghan

KK Arbory July 27th 1673
Articles of marriage aggreed concluded and condescended upon
betwixt these parties following viz John Callen and Isabell
Craij in the behalfe of their son Robert Keon on the one part
and Margaret Croghan on the other part.

Impr: It is aggreed and concluded upon that the said Robert Keown
& Margt Croghan shall solemnize matrimony betwixt the date
hereof and all Hallowtide next if God permitt and holy church
allow the same

[2]ly It is aggreed upon that the said John Callen with his wife
Isabell doe grant ^covenant^ unto their son Robert with his wife Margt
that they shall be equal in house and garden and all other
their goods moveable and immoveable entring upon immed=
iately at their marriage both parties working together
according to their best endeavour for the mutuall help of each
other, and that the said Robert with his wife Margt shall
enjoy all after the decease of ^the longer liver^ there said father & mother
only ten shillings and 2 yards of linnen cloath to be at
the [] aboves? disposing. In observance of all the premises
wee have bound ourseles in the penalty of five pounds
the one half to the honable Lord and the other half to the party
observing conditions and this to be our voluntary act and
deed we have sett to our hands and marks the day and year
above written In presence of
Note yt the interlining in the               John Callen his mark
8th line was assented unto                   Isab: Craij her mark
by ye parties before signing                 Robert Keown his mark
Tho Norris                                   Margt Croghan her mark
Sam: Robinsone
Willm Norris his mark
John Quark his mark
John Keown his mark

5 May 1674
my self being a witness to
this contract I suppose is a
sufficient proof for ye same
[T]ho: Norris
[page 2]
May ye 6th 1674
The wthin contract being attested by the Deemster
to be her act, himself being wittness thereunto
therefore it is accepted of in the stead of the will of
the wthin Issable Craij and for ye 10s and ye two yrds
of cloath reserved to her own disposal. It is devised?
to her younger sone? according to ye intent of the
decadent ?(sevrall psons declaring ye same) hee
being unmarryed and unprvided for
Salvo tamen [unicuique]  decretum et solvit 12d
sui jure
pledges in form of law John Kewn


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