Archdeacon Will 1666 #3 Braddan, of William Watterson, died 26 December 1666: "

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of WILLIAM WATERSON who departed this life the 26th of December 1666. First he bequeathed his soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item, he bequeathed to William Fargher 6d. Item, he left to Kathren xxxxxx[surname is smeared] 6d legacy. Item, he constituted & ordained his FATHER ROBERT WATTERSON his true and lawful xxxxx of all the rest of his goods moveable and unmoveable xxxxx in regard his FATHER only looked after him and took all care of him and no body else. Testes: Jo: Kermine, James Corrkan[?]. Probatum et solvit 12d.

INVENTORY AT FOLLOWETH: Item, half house of xx (sssssssss) in Castletown and also a garden belonging to ye said house; Item, half house in laxon[?] & 4 cups; Item, 20s in money.

THE EXECUTOR AT AGE, ye goods in his hands & hath given in pledges xxxxxx yr office in double ye value, James Quill KK Lonan, & Don: Xpian KK Conchan.

JANUARY YE 8TH 1667/8: WILLM DOBSON entereth his claim against ye Executor of his DAUGHTER ISABEL DOBSON for the pound sum of 13s 4d due debt being lent money & craveth trial."




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