Will John Bridson (Malew),1665

transcribed by Michael Bridson from Original: MML RB517

K Malew ---------------- January; 9th; 1665

The last will and testament of John Bridson of Aristle who first Comitted his soule to God and his body to Xtian buriall.
It he bequeathed to the poore 3 ferletts of high corn at the yuall tyme and flesh at the discretion of the Exec. Also a ferlett of barley to be distributed amonge the poore that shall cum for it on the day of his buriall.
It he bequeathed to his wife Catherine Bridson, als Shimine all the farme, or tenement, houses [t]he whole Team and croppe of Corne for the full terme and tyme of five [y]eares and that paying his debts.
It he willd and bequeathed to his son [an]d heir John Bridson, after the expiration of the same five years his with all the geary and implements belonginge to the farme [p]art of the farme of Tenement with his part of the teame and cropp of []rue, halfe the bedstids, halfe the Cubbart & halfe of the Chests, of who = [e]ver shall happen to be heire is to enjoy and have all the aforenamed giving [an]d payinge in consideration unto his daughter Ellin Bridson five [pou]nds and to his son Hen: Bridson fourtie shillings.
It he bequeathed to [his] son Thomas Bridson six pounds.
It he bequeathed five pounds to his [s]on William Bridson in Ireland if he did com for it.
It he bequeathed [t]o his son Henry Bridson foure pounds.
It he left charge & comand [u]pon his sons John and Thomas to help their mother and to be still helpful ayding & assisting to her her. It he bequeathed to his daughter Catherine [x]ijs legasie.
It to his daughter Jane xijs and to her child an Ewe lamb []he bequeathed to Sr Tho: Parre Vic a mutton, and also att next Michael= [ma]s a ferlett of wheat, because he was good to himself and to be also good to [his] wife and children.
It he bequeathed to his son John Bridson aforesd [th]e houses he hath in Duglas and to agree with his uncle William Bridson [fo]r them.
It he constituted & ordained and appointed his wife Catherine Brid[=] [so]n als Shimine his whole and absolute Executrix of all his goods move= [ab]le and unmoveable whatsoever and the sd Catherine upon her husbands we= [ ]elf prmses and engaged herself to pay the legasies aforesayd.

The inventorie to be brought in wth pledges Test: Thomas Parre

Jurati on next court sub poena Xs John Gellin Sen

The inventorie aforesaid by Sr Tho Parre given…………………with pledges Tho Shymin ………………………..executrix………………..

June . 17th.- 69 Nicho Kinly enters his claim against the exect. of John Brydso[n] for 29s due debt & craveth [legal] This claim is accepted as to be recorded th[is] day, in regard of the said Nicho: declares he pd also his fee for entering it within the limited time & the …beinge in my keepeing was not ent[er]d till now.



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