Archdeacon Will 1663 #43 Maughold, of John Christian, dated 6 January 1663/4

"Maughold, January ye 6th 1663 (43): In ye name of God amen. I JOHN CHRISTIAN sick in bodie but whole in mynde praysed be God, doe make this his last will and testament in manner and forme following. First, he bequeathed his soule to God and his bodie to Christian burial. Item, to ye poor at ye discretion of ye Executor. Item, to JOHN CALLOW 1s 6d. Item, to his SONS JOHN & WILLIAM 14s which was in his own hand. Item, to his GRANDCHILD ROBERT a sheep & a lamb. Item, to his SON EWAN thirty nine shillings which xxxx in the payment of the riding horse 16s in the payment of an ox 12s in a cow the table and a dest [?desk] all which being his own proper goods and due unto him. Item, to his DAUGHTER MARIE 6d legacy. To his DAUGHTER KATH. 6d, to his DAUGHTER ISABEL 6d, he bequeathed his WIFE his full and lawful executrix of all the rest of his good moveable and unmoveable and herself to pay all debts she knowing of them all, as well as xxx. Witnesses: John Callow, John Couell, jurati. WHEREAS JOHN CHRISTIAN hath left no legacy to his SON EWAN, MARY, BESSY & JAMES CHRISTIAN, the Court hath ordered them Executors jointly with the MOTHER according to law. The WIFE having denied the Administratorship as the Law requireth, vizt., to take the oath of administratorship, and to give in a perfect Inventory, therefore the General Sumner to take Administration to pay all debts and legacy and to give a just account to the CHILDREN of the goods according to will and former decree; and if either the WIFE or the CHILDREN deny to give the goods to the General Sumner, that then they are to be committed till they submit to Law. Probated est et solvit, 1s, by ye General Sumner. Solvo xxxxxxxxxxxx[Latin]. An Inventory to be brought in within 14 days sub peona 20s ad xxxxxxx.

MAUGHALL 1663, ([PAGE]41): THE INVENTORY of the goods of JOHN CHRISTIAN deceased praized by 4 sworn me (viz) Edmd Callow, Jo: Knakle, Willm Corkle & Jo:Christian: Item, half a cow 0 pound 8 shillings 6 pence, half quarter of a cow 2s 6d, a quarter of a heifer 3s6d, a quarter of a heifer 3s 6d, a quarter of a steer 2s, 0:19:6; Item, one quarter of a calf 1s 6d, half a house with the appurtenances 20s, 1:1:6;
Item, half some old barrels, sieves, and other trifles 0:6:2; One churn 1s, half a paile 6d, half of certain old noggins, tranchers, and the like 1s 4d, half the dishboard, and other old boards 1s, 0:3:10;
Item, half table and frame with forms 2s, half a cupboard 10s, half of some old brass and pewter dishes 3s, half certain black potts 1s, 0:16:0;
Item, half an old horse 15 years old 2s, half a mare and follower 6s, half of 2 other mares 15s, fishing line 1s 6d, 1:4:6;
Item, half xxx, gobbetts, and rackentree 1s 10d, half the fishing net, with what appertaineth 10s, half a chair & wheel 1s 6d, 0:12:4;
Item, half 2 bedstocks with the teasters[?] 13s, half another old bedstock & trunk 2s 6d, half 2 feather beds 16s 6d, hald of 4 caddows 5s, 1:17:0;
Item, half of 5 old blankets 4s, half 6 new blankets 16s, half a fledge and half a coverlet 9s, one pair of sheets 8s, half old napkins 1s 6d, 1:18:6;
Item, one yard & quarter of cloth 2s 6d, half old dollans fines[?five] and the like with one quart of hemp, and 3 pound of flax 4s 9d, 00:7:3;
Item, six pounds of wool 2s, four pounds and a half of hurden yarn 2s, half an xxx hommer, & oager 2d, half 4 geese 1s, sheep and muttons 6 in number 12 s, 00:17:2.

Debts to be deducted out of the above Inventory to the Lord for rent and for the other creditors the sum of 3:10:00.

This Inventory is to be perfected both in corn and sheep against the next xxx Court sub poena 20x and 12d xxxxx. More added June ye 28th 1664: 4 sheep at 0:8:0. The xxxxxxx of corn is taken up for to discharge the Lords rent and servants wages.

FEBRUARY THE 22D 1663/4: WILL CALLOW entereth his claim against the Executors of JOHN CHRISTIAN for the sum of xx due debt as he will make to appear and craveth trial.

MARCH YE 10TH 1663/4 ([page] 42): Whereas the Administration of JOHN CHRISTIAN of KK Maughall deceased was by the Court delivered to the General Sumner, the WIFE (left Executrix) refusing to swear according to Law; Know ye that I EWAN CHRISTIAN SON to the aforesaid JOHN, with WILLIAM CHRISTIAN AND ROBERT CHRISTIAN my Securities, do hereby bind ourselves, our heirs, and assigns (the Administration committed to me the said EWAN) that all debts whatsoever due from the said JOHN deceased shall be duly and truly satisfied and paid, and the order of Court punctually observed, that the Court shall be secured, and the General Sumner also, for as much as he is in this particular concerned. This we desire may be accepted of, and do hereby acknowledge it as our lot and deed. [signed their marks] WILLIAM CHRISTIAN his mark, ROBERT CHRISTIAN his mark, EWAN CHRISTIAN his mark, jurati. THE ABOVESAID SECURITY is accepted of in Court & ROBERT CHRISTIAN sworn to discharge all debts and legacies as far as the goods will extend to and to discharge ye CHILDREN and to secure the office.

OCTOBER YE 3D 1664: ROBERT CHRISTIAN General Sumner entereth his claim against the Executors of JOHN CHRISTIAN for the sum of 4 pounds 10 shillings due debt as he will make to appear and craveth trial according to law.

OCTOBER THE 22D 1664: EDWARD CHRISTIAN of Ramsey entereth his claim against the Executor of JOHN CHRISTIAN for the sum of 5s 6d due debt as he will make to appear.

OCTOBER YE 24TH 1664: UXOR[?] ALLEN WIFE TO MR. ROBERT ALLEN entereth claim against the Executor or Administrator of JOHN CHRISTIAN of KK Maughold deceased for the just and true sum of 18s due debt as she will make to appear and craveth the law.

DECEMBER YE 27TH 1664: The Executor of JOHN CHRISTIAN claimeth of ROBERT CHRISTIAN the sum of 150s and daymoth of hay due debt, as she will make to appear.

JUNE YE 17 (670): WE WHOSE NAMES ENSUE viz EWAN CHRISTIAN, ROBERT CALLOW and WILLIAM CALLOW entrusted by their well beloved SISTER MARY CHRISTIAN to act for her in her concerns in the Island, because of her absence and to all for her FATHER's part of goods, and to acquit and discharge all such as was bound for the said portion of goods, we the above mentioned do acknowledge to have received all our portion of goods due forever acquit and discharge our well beloved FRIENDS WILLIAM AND ROBERT CHRISTIAN who were bound for the payment of all debts, and do desire the Register to cancel their names, this we acknowledge and certify to be our voluntary act as witness our subscriptions: [signed] EWAN/EVAN CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM CALLOW, [signed his mark] ROBERT CALLOW his mark.

In ye presence of us, Thomas Allen, William Woods.

OCTOBER YE 12TH 1674: EWAN CHRISTIAN SON OF JOHN CHRISTIAN, & ROBERT CALLOW & WILLIAM CALLOW HUSBANDS to his SISTERS BESSY & ANN CHRISTIAN have acknowledged themselves before now to be fully satisfied and paid in all just goods as belonged to them by the death of their FATHER JOHN CHRISTIAN and also have received unto their custody all such goods as belonged to their SISTER MARY CHRISTIAN living in Ireland, & dot acquit and discharge ROBERT CHRISTIAN their securities, his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns forever but the other security is obliged till all be discharged. EWAN CHRISTIAN XX, ROBT. CALOW, WILLM CALOW. Before me, J. Huddlestone Registrar.

AUGUST YE 2ND 1676: WHEREAS I formerly impowered my BROTHER WILLIAM CALLOW of Ballafayle to be my lawful attorney to demand and receive such goods as any ways due unto me by the death of my FATHER AND MOTHER for and to be accomptable to me for the sxxxx at all times upon demand; now know ye, that I do by these presents confess myself to have had and received from my said BROTHER a just and perfect accompt of his pxxxxdings; and am well contented and satisfied, and paid from him in all xxxxxxxx; and therefore I do by these presents acquit, and discharge him his heirs, administrators and assigns from me and mine forever, desiring my acquitance may be recorded, and amend to the wills of my PARENTS for better left money whenever there shall be occasion. And all this as witness my subscription [signed her mark] MARY STADDART her mark. Witness: Richd Fox, Registrar."





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