Archdeaconal Wills 1663 Jurby, dated 10 November 1664, etc.,

page 14, regarding farm etc. of Daniel Christian deceased & the heir Patrick Christian, his mother, & Parson Parre the guardian:

It is ordered that four honest able men of the parish of Jurby whose names are under written shall be sworne by the Sumner to value the yearely benefit and profits of of the farme tenement and all other Intackes or cottages belonging to the farme of Donold Christian accordinge as a custom xxxx, and to certifie unto us what ye yearely valuacion of ye sayd lands & estate comes to, against this day fortnight that ye childs maintenance may be allowed thereout, & ye oade[?] plus added to the Inventorie And withal to charge Patrick Christian to his mother to pay all dues that belonges to ye child of Tho: Christian unto Mr Robt Parre accordinge to the order of Chancery within sayd committed tyme And that also the Inventorie be perfect against that tyme and this as you will answer subpoena juris Dated 9ber 10th 1664. Isaac Sodor & Mann, John Harrison, John Huddleston.

The Jurys names: Dollin Caine, Tho:McYlvorey, Pat:Brew, & Robt Clucas.

To the Sumner of Jurby to put this in Execution. Copia vera concordaus cum originalis. Examinata per me, John Huddlestone Registrar Archdeacon. Nov: ye 27th 1664,

page 14+: Whereas wee whose names ensue beinge by order of Court appointed & sworne Jurors to find out ye full valuacion or profit of ye farme Intacks cottages & tenements of ye estate of Donell Christian of Jurby may be yearely worth, for ye mantenance of ye heire thereof, & enlarginge of ye Invent if may any may be: we therefore say, yt after all rents & dues beinge paide, yt wee finde ye valuacion or profits of ye said farme, tenements & all other Intacks or cottages belongeing to the said farm amounts to yeerely 4 pounds sterling & ys by virtue of our oaths as witness our signes manuel ye day & yeere above written. As for ye xxxx house & ye use of ye moneys we meddle not with it:Dollin Caine D, Rob:Clucas R, Pat:Brew P, Tho:McYlworrey X.

This answer is taken in Court ye 1th of Decr 1664 at xxx Court before our Reverd Ordinarie, Mr. Hugh Cannell, Mr. Robt. Parr & John Huddlestone Registr. xxxx 5. 1664: Ye four pound above mentioned wee thinke a very xxxx [hidden in left fold] allowance, but such as it is, we order yt it shall xxxx to Parson Parr as guardian of ye heir within 14 days from ye date herof, viz: so much as is already due xxxx time past; & quarterly for ye time to come xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx to ye party it[?] so refuse: xxxxx xxx & xxxx, John Harrison, Hu:Cannell, John Huddlestone.


??? Patt CHRISTIAN chr: 5 Jul 1648 Jurby, Father: Dan CHRISTIAN




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