Will Thomas Bridson (Malew),1662

transcribed by Michael Bridson from Original: MM EW16/372

K Malew The Last will & testamt of Tho: Bridson of Bala(2)
. in the parrish of K Malew being sicke in body, but of good and pfecte memory; thanks be to allmighty God; And calling to remembrance the uncertainety estate of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield unto death, when it shall please God to call I doe make, constitute, ordaine and ~ declair, this my last will and testmt in maner and forme ffollowing, revokeing and admitting by these p'sents all and every testmt and testamts, will and wills heretofore by me made and declared either by word, or writeing: And this is to be taken only for my last will and testmt and none other And now for the setleing of this my temporall estate and suche goods as it hath pleased God, farr above my deserts to bestowe upon me;
I doe give and dispose the same in maner and forme ffollowing (viz) first as concerning the forty six shillings that lyes in Capt Will's Hudlestone hands in lieu of the croft above the pinefould [pinfold],
I give unto my daughter Jony: Stoole alias Bridson thirty shillings of the said moneys, and the other ten shillings unto the sd Capt ~ Hudlestone; as for the Cregan moneys I give the one halfe unto my nephew (1) Elizabeth Stoole and the other halfe unto my nephew Margt. Stoole daughters to the sd Jony,
and for the rest of my goods I give th[em] alsoe betwixt my nephews Elizabeth and Margt. Stoole [inserted 'Executors']; (viz:) the two pts unto Elizabeth, and the third pt unto Margt. excepting the sheepe and the (kids?) wch. I give unto my fond sd daughter Jony, and alsoe a sledge and a mutton I give unto my nephew Robt Stoole

Probatum est et soluit 6d witnesses hereofWill Huddlestone iurati Tho: Bridesonne X pledges securd. form. leg. Jur Will Hudleston Tho: Bridson

Note that one of the Exect. is in Ireland: & hath taken her oath in Courte that ther is noe goode but it is included in this Will & to be true to her father now in Irelande octob. 22th 1662


1. 'Nephew' here has its obsolete meaning of grandchild

2. The top right hand corner is turned down obscuring the place name. It looks like the beginnings of an 's' which might make Balysaly (modern Ballasalla) but then it might not!

3. The reference to one of the executors being in Ireland I have noticed in other wills of this period. I wonder what the degree of contact was and why.



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