Archideaconal Will 1660 #6 German of Ann Woods als Norris als Fletcher,

died 15 April 1660: "The last will and testament of ANNE WOODS ALIAS FLETCHER who departed this life the 15th of April 1660.
First she commended her soule to God and her bodye to ye earth from whence it came.
Item, To ye poore at her execr discrecion.
Item, She bequeathed to her SON THO: NORRIS her interest in Kentraugh lands both what was due to him for ye time past and to come with her blessing.
Item, She bequeathed to her SON THO: WOODS her part of ye cropp of corn, and her part of ye team of oxen, or what oxen she had xx ye team and that in lieu of some reconings he demanded from her.
Item, She bequeathed to her SON GEORGE WOODS 2 cows in calf, 1 mayre called yelonge mayre, one furnished feather bed and her part of ye tyth during ye terms of ye lease.
Item, she bequeathed to her SONS THO: AND GEORGE WOODS all her part of ye house hold stuff betwixt them and them 2 to be equal in her funeral charges..
Item, She willed yt if her said SON THO:WOODS did trouble or molest his brother GEORGE about any xxx either in reckonings or amounts that she left him but 6d legasye.
Item, she bequeathed to her DAUGHTER AMY NORRIS 1 xxxx of barley.
Item, To her DAUGHTER KATHERIN xxxx[page torn away along lower right side] 1 heifer of 3 years old and a young xxxx in lieu of some moneys she did c----- from her.
Item, She left her DAUHTER ANNE NORRIS her best pillow b---- xxxxx best towel.
Item, to her DAUGHTER XXXXX STEVENSON ALS WOODS what xxxxxxxxxxxx in the house.
Item, To her GRANDCHILD ANN CANNELL her surge petticoate, and what green wool she had in the house.
Item, She bequeathed to her 2 DAUGHTERS before mencioned AMY & KATERIN all her clothes linen & woolen equally betwixt them.
Lastly, She constituted & ordained her SON THO: WOODS her execr of all ye rest of her goods moveable & unmoveable. Testes: Wm Cannell, Tho: Woods, George Woods, Katherin Stevenson, Ann Cannell, Tho: Norris.
4 MAY 1660: WM CANNELL, KATHERIN STEVENSON &THO: NORRIS have deposed to ye truth of this will. The execr sworne. Porbated est et solvit. Invent within 14 dayes.
XX APRIL 1661: AMY NORRIS ALS CRAYNE entereth her claime against ye execr of her MOTHER ANN FLETCHER for ye sum of 23 pounds xxxxx yards of small linen cloath, 1 yard of white woolen cloth and 1 pound & half of woole xxxxxx which she craveth ye benefit of ye law.
MR. NORRIS, WILL CHRISTIAN Sumner of K German hath made this affidavid that he charged THOMAS WOODS to deliver unto his BROTHER GEORGE WOODS all such goods as is mentioned and left him in his mother's will and hath disobeyed therefore to be in fine.
I desire you to come xxxxx by the to morrow for I believe my ANTE STANLEY's will is to be proved tomorrow which is desired by all the CHILDREN. XX APRIL 1661: THO: NORRIS Deemster entereth his claim against ye exec of his MOTHER ANN WOODS ALS FLETCHER for ye xxx of his FATHER's porcion or part of goods due to him according to his FATHER's will & order thereupon recorded in the book for ye year 1627 and for ye benefit of his tenement for ye space of 7 years since he came to ye age of 14 years, for some bookes to ye value of 10 pounds, also for a silver spoone, a pot, and other things, all wch he will make appear to be due to him, and craveth tryall according to Law."



Eliz. NORRIS (F)...................... M: 23 Sep 1693
Spouse: Tho. TUBMAN Malew,
Archd wills 1725/6 #106, Arbory, of Dorothy Norris als Fox: husb Deemster Mr. Thomas Norris; cousin Jane Stevenson; Mary Shimmin; son Ralph; dau in law Isabel Norris als Parr; grandson Matthew Taubman(b~1699, md Elizth Norris 1722)
Archd will 1710 #5, Malew of John Norris, feltmaker, of Castletown & later of Whitestone: dau Elizabeth (md Thomas Taubman); wife Salsbury Norris als Tubman

"Aunt Stanley:" - Jane STANLEY - will 1659/60 d E Arbory STANLEY, Jane lds film 0991530