Archdeaconal Will 1658 #34 Michael of William Stephen,

"29: Wm Stephen departed this life the 10th of June intestate whereof the Court having notice hath decreed his children viz Jo: Wm. Gilbt and Jony Stephen administrators. The unkle and Ante on the father side viz Jo: and Bahee Stephen supervisors. The sd Bahee beinge sick her husband Wm Cannon is sworne, and she xxx to be sworne by the Sumner. And the wife also sworne, a legacy to ye wife upon sight of the invent., viz, 2s 6d. Salvo Tamen vincing Suo sume. Decretu est et Solvi t1 s 5d.

July ye 19th 1658 (28): The Inventorye of William Steane of Kirk Michael praised by these whose names ensue, vizt., Ewan Killey, John Gawme, Robert Calister and John Cannon Sumner, as followes: The whole Inventorye of ye decedant amounts to ye sum of 2 pounds 17 shillings xx pence. More added which fell due by the decease of the grandfather 0:14:xx. The goods in the mothers possession. Pledges Gilbt Quayle & Wm Cannon. Secunda forman legis."




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