Archdeaconal Will 1658 #89 Lezayre of Marriad Caley, orphan,

"Marriad Caly orphant departed this life intestate and the Court having notice hath decreed the Ante xxxx[fold] father and mother viz Katherin Quarke and ye uncles and Ants on ye father sides viz Edmond, Do:, Christian, Ailes, Jony, Margrett, Ellin & Margrett xxx[fold] proporcionably according to the Law of this Isle xxx[fold] Adminsitrators. The children at age Supervisors of the children under years & always paid out that the goods of the sd Mariad that came by mother shall descend and returne to the Administratr by the father and mother, and the goods that came by the father only to returne to the administers by ye father accordinge to law, a legasye to the xxxx upon sight of the Invent viz 5s. Katherin Quarke only sworne. Salvo Tames xxxx xuo juri. Decreted est est Solvit. Invent included in the mothers Invent. Pledges Jo: Quarke, Secundes xxxxx.

Fa = xxxx Calley
Ma = xxxx Quarke

NOTE: Archdeacon Will 1658 #90 Lezayre of Philip Kneen: 21st July 1658: Marriad Calye entereth her claime against the exec of Phillp Kneen for 3xs and a peticoate and craveth tryall acordinge to Law. Is this the same Marriad Caley who died intestate above?



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