Archdeaconal Will 1657 #8 Michael of Daniel Caine:

"paroch Michel, Appantor Johan Quark. Nomina Defunct: Do: Caine, Jony McBooye. Do: [?Dollin] Caine departed this life the 21st[?] of Jan: 1656 and made his last will and testament as followeth. First he bequeathed his soule to God etc. It, he constituted his son Jo:Caine his sole exer and left the tuition of his child and goods to his wife, and if his said sone did dye under age then he left to his 2 sisters 3s apiece as legacie and the remainder to his wife who is sworne and the court hath ordained his sister Mabell supervisor.

Testes: Wm Christian, Do:Cannell, jurati. Probat et Solvit 6d.

Inventory Prised by Wm Christian, Jo: Croagen, Wm Caine, and Jo: Quarke Sumner amounts in the whole to the just sum of 3 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence. And the benefit of 1 crofts in Croghens grounds 0:4:0. The goods in the mother possession according to the will who hath put in pledges according to Law Do:Cannell & Wm Christian."




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