Episcopal Will 1656 #34 Malew, of Elizabeth Callister (als Bridson) (Malew),1656:

transcribed by Michael Bridson from MM EW 13/475 Kk. Malew (34)

In the name of god Amen. the last will and testamt of Elizabeth Callister alias Bridson who departed this world the xxvi day of June 1656 witnesses as followeth First I doe bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmightie god my creator and redeemer and my boddie to Christian buriall, I leave into the poore on firlett of mault, dj firlett of wheate, on mutton and on goose, also I leave to my Husband John Callister a qter of his fathers house and also a qter of the Garden and croft be longinge to the said house, and also halfe a steere of 4 years ould
Item I leave to Robt Shimin a lambe and to John Shimin on sheepe,
item I leave all the rest of the land wh is our due betwixt us both, I leave the same to be equally divided betwixt my Husband and my brother Henrie Bridson untill my brothers sonn com to xxj years of age, And then my brothers son is to have my right of the house and land when he is of age,
Item my will is that my husband [crossed out] shall have my right of my house during the tyme, he keeps himself in my name and also six years after if he doe marrie, all this I leave unto him with my blessing:
I also constitute and ordayne my brothers daughter Elizabeth Bridson my lawfull executor of all the rest of goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever

The father sworn Supvisor

witnesses hereof Willm Kearley his mrk iurat
Nicholas Quiddy to be sworn

probat et soluit 9d out w[it]h[in] 14 days sub poena … by…Do: Cleark Dou: Keuiar? & Jo: Kwale being sworn. [There follow an inventory and claims on the estate]



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