Archdeacon Will 1655 #50 Lezayre of Mr. Ewan Christian, Deemster, of Lezayre, number 50 in the Registry, written by him 4 August 1654:


: "Twenty[?] Novr[?] 1655 (50): In ye name of God, Amen. I Ewan Christian of Milntown in the Isle of Man being in healthy mind and perfect memorie praised be God, doe make and bequeath this as hereafter followeth my last will and testament of everything and making voyde all former bequests xxxxxx and writings tending to that purpose and ordaininge this to be in full force, power and affect to all purposes to which[?] here in I biqueath my soule to my Creater, to his sonn my Redimer and xxxxxxx[?friend] and to the Holie Spirit xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxleeth[?] believing xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of my soltution[?, soltrition, etc.] in the merits of Jesus Christ who hath made a full satisfaction for all my past and manifold of sins[?] by his xxxxxxxxx blood shedd for all those that were[?] true and xxxxxx forth believe in him in xxxxxxxxxxxx if[?] such soule believe to bee xxxxxed. To my sonn John his children vidz., to John twenty pounds, to his son Robert twentie pounds, to Charles son his xxxxxx[?maynt or mayrh] named[?] at xxxxxxxx[?Bignall or stohiall or xxchiall or -chall, etc] six pounds out of that monies which is due them from Sir Patricious Curwen and when Curwen is be payde the hundred[?] pound[?] for xxx the six pounds is yearly to be payde; to Ewan his sonn fortie pounds and to his daughter Alice fortie pounds and to his daughter Isabell fortie pounds, to my grandchild George Christian, or if xxx shall Ėell[?fell] him before this fall due, to his next brother Ewan Christian and soe xxxx xxxxxxxx to that brother which shall succeed in Ronoldsway as tenant xx one[?] xxxxx xxxxxx of xxxx the cropp of corne to be to be due to him after the death of his father and mother or wh- xxxx the continue[?] at Ronoldsway xxxxxxx xxxxx by my owne executor and the gre- -[?] w----- of both before mentioned vid., cattle and corne whien his tenement shall fall by the death of his parents or by xxxxxxxx if without tho----- help[?] when it[?] shall please God he enter upon it to Ewan Christian his next brother thirtie pounds to be presently payde him, to John twenty pounds, to Charles twentie pounds, to William twentie pounds, to Patritious thirtie pounds to be put out for his best profit, and to his sister Marie[Alice was scratched out and Marie inserted] fortie pounds to be likewise put out for her use, to Thomas their brother ten pounds and to his sister Alice ten pounds the twentie pounds to be put in the funds of Thomas her brother and he to be ansirrable to her for it, and that to be payde upon demand to the saide Thomas. To the children of my deceased and dear daughter Margrett twentie pounds to each of them vidz Ewan, John & Boyde[?] twentie pounds apiece and thirtie to Emeline[?] her eldest daughter and twentie pounds apiece to the other two vidz, Isabel and Mabel. To my son William the son of Jane Woods all my tenements & intacks and mortgages in the parish of KK Marown now in my possession or hereafter to be possessed by me in that parish for the better mayntenance of the farme called Glenlough together with all the bonds[?] I xxxx xxxxxx in Whinfield in the Countie of Cumberland Eng of the yearly rent of six pounds fourteen shillings or thereabouts be it more or less and also the cropp of corne there upon some horses and mayres with all the tables. bedstuffs, formes, and s---- and husbandry geare used by me at my death with this condition that Margret Elletson shall enjoy without trouble or disturbance the one halfe of what is above mentioned save only the Countrie England till[?] she xxxxx as guardian and mynd Ellinor Christian alias Elletson shall be married by her motherís consent and that she bee willing on her owne free[?] xxxxx to educate[?] xxxx xxxxxxxxx or any bad[?] usage come to her whereby xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx whensoever she shall xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx not beinge[or bringe] xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx [next page:] xxx xxxx xxxxxx then all cxxxxxxxxx the tenement, intacks and morgages affore mentioned shall fall and be due to my son William as is formerly expressed. This also my Will that she shall have the new kichen to live in so long as she shall be pleased to stay and continue in the tenement her part of the cropp accordingly as shee payes rent vidz the half. I leave to my son John Christian the son of Jane Woods one hundred pounds of that monie which is due to me from Sr. Patricius Curwen for which he is to pay to me and my assigns six pounds out of everie hundred yearlie soe longe as I or my assigns is content to continue it in his hands which six pounds yearly I leave him to the principal be paid according as I have left the like sum to my grandson Charles Christian [Illiam Dhoneís son] formerly mentioned in this Will, and also it is my will that if his brother William to whom I have in this will left the tenement called Glenlough in KK Marowne with the intacks and mortgages and the lands of Whinfeld die without children, then all that might or by the will ought to fall due to him my said son William and son of Jane Woods shall fall and become due to his brother John now last mentioned in as full and ample manner as formerly to his said brother is expressed and further I do hereby declare as parcel of this my will and testament that if both of them my said sons William and John last mentioned die without children lawfully begotten that then whatsoever is mentioned in this my will shall fall due unto Ewan Christian second son of my son William of Ronaldsway or to his third son John for want of heirs of his body and so child to child till to the youngest son of my son William and I desire[?]that this be not xxxxxxx or xxxx xxxx xxx for want of formality but that it may take place according to my true intent and meaninge herein. I leave the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable not before mentioned at Glenlough in KK Marown to Margret Elletson and her daughter Ellen, vidz, cattle, sheep, horses, goates, household stuff of all sorts only the moneys or gould excepted but as hereafter followeth to whom I leave also my right of the xxxxxxx in Kirk Christ commonly called Dry Close which is the one held and for which[?] payde to me the sum of ten pounds yearly there xxxxxxx and convenience[?] xxxx xx remaynes in my son John Christian hands of Milntown who I chose[?] to deal justly and trulie the mortgage being six pounds at the xxx upon the twenty five of March next in xxxxx the dayte hereof and this yearly sum of ten pounds as also the six pound when it is res------[?] to be paid to Margaret Elletson for the use of her self and daughter provided that at the death of the said Margret shall leave her half to her said daughter if God give a blessing to pro--[?protect] and that it xxxxxxxx not by some ill accident. I leave also to be xxxxxx by sd Margret Elletson what is hereafter mentioned vidz. one hundred pounds in the hands of Sir Patricius Curwen for which sum xxxxxxxxx bound to pay six pounds yearly and when it shall please God that she be married in her motherís lifetime that two parts of the money be given her in her portion and the third part remaining in her motherís hands during her life if she please to keep it and then to leave it to her daughter which I am confident she will leave her onlie child. [next page] I leave my son William Christian of Ronaldsway overseer of this my weak child and her mother hoping he will be careful of them and that they may enjoy what is by this will due to them being that it is in the hands of powerful men whom I doubt not but that he will deal conscionable with them if it shall please God to take this my child Ellin to his mercy before marriage or to the year of discretion as the law tearmes it then that this portion which I xxxxxxx and mentioned and left her fall due to Johnís [Deemster John Christian 1602-1673 of Milntown] two daughters unmarried and Williamís [William Christian, Illiam Dhone, had only one daughter] daughter of Ronaldsway and Jane my daughter by Jane Woods by equal portions. It. I leave to Margret xx daughter to xxxxx xxxxx for ten pounds which her mother did xxxxxxxxx as xxxx and xxxxxxxx[?---payd] to her selfe of the portion promised at her marriage. I leave to my son John all my goods at Milntowne onelie thee tables, bedstuffs, boulster and implements xxx xxxxxxxx which I leave to bee continue to the house heirís after. It., I leave to my son William all my part at Ranoldsway but what is before mentioned go his son George and do hereby release and disclayme and clearly discharge him of all debts due unto xxxx from him. I also leave him all my parte of the profit which it had from the xxx cropp xx xxxxx xxxxxx in his proportion[?] or what remaynes xxx xxxxxx. I leave to everie one of Janeís children in KK Maughold fortie shillings and to everie one of Johnís children twenty shillings. I leave to Isabell Christian now widow in KK Bryde fortie shillings the wife of xxxxxxxxxxxx[??mara--------- or maca-------] I leave to Jane my daughter in KK Maughold out of my lease of the buchopps[?bishopís] thirde in KK Christe fortie shillings yearly so longe as my lease will be good in xxxx. I leave to my grandchild Elizabeth Huddleston twenty nobles[?] and twenty shillings to my cousin[?] xxxxxxxxxxxx[---chtin---ey?] I leave to my cousin Erasmus Townsen five pounds to be xxxx by my executor. To the poor six pounds, vidz., 40 shillings in KK Christ, 40 shillings in KK Malue, and 40 shillings in KK Marowne, and 10 shillings to everie servant I have in KK Marowne always provided that I may at my pleasure add by codicil or take away from this at any time as I xxx[?them] fit and convenient to testifie this to be my last will I have subscribed my name and affixed my seall this fourth day of August one thousand six hundred and fiftie and four xxxx 1654 this which is xxxxx out xxx as xxxxx by myselfe by my hand the yeare and day xxxxxxx for I signed and sealed it in anno one thousand six hundred fiftie and four and this is my last will if I said[?paid] not tyme[?] to draw[?] it up some or alter it by annex as witness my name and xxxx mention and subscribed and sealed the day and year above written constituting my son John executor of all the rest of my goods but what I shall dispose of in xxxx time. [signed his signature & seal] Ewan Christian. 25 pounds to henrie. [?witnesses] xxx Erasmus Towenson, Her[?]Wm Quayle. [next page:] The 150 pounds due Her[?Henry] EO[?] to be[?] xxxx to my brother himselfe and 39 xxxxx due xxxx himself. 100 pounds to George out of the Baronette. To my brother and Jane to xxx the xxx[?pounds] six paid xx xxx xxx occasion. Memorandum: whereas it xxxx mentioned that Margrett Elletson onely should give consent to the marrage of her daughter It is now his will that his sons John and Wm shall have an equal care and interest with her in the dispose xxx her said daughter Ellen. [This next short part is crossed out:] The within written will of Mr. Ewan Xtian xxx xxxxxxxx at xxxxx KK Malew on Saturday 5th of January 1655 and also attested by Sir William Oates xxxx his xxx to be his true and last will is xxx particular xxx deposed to be witnessed[?] xxx by him xxxx xxxxx said that xxxx xxxx of KK Marowne xxx xxx the said Testator deposed to be xxxxxxxx xx Law[?] be due as gift to his son William Christian and by consent of all parties in xxxxxxx xx the said xxxx probatum est et solvet 12pence. 2 heifers to John Sulbie the sheep beds bedstead and sheetes to my brother Will his clothes linen and woolen to Jo: Sulbye and George his horse to Erasmus Touenson his mayre and fole[?foal] to George. Note: the codicil above written xxx in xxxx in xxx pay in the next leafe xxxx follow xx. [next page:] ([page] 52): This within written will of Mr. Ewan Christian Deemster being exhibited at a Court holden at KK Malew on Saturday the 5th of January 1655 was not only affirmed to be written signed and sealed with the Testators own hand and seal but also for further satisfaction to the Court attested by the testimonie and oath of Sir William Oats cleark Vicar of KK Marown, that the said Testator on his death bed caused him the said Sir William to xxxx[?read] the said will in his presence and desired him to witness the same to be his true and last will, save in that particular only concerning the tenement and farme in KK Marown mentioned in the will and passed away by Deeds of Gift to his son William Christian which he xxx fixed to be altered, only the said Sir William made this caution in xxxxx of his oath if his will now exhibited was the same he showed him and, delivered to the executor which was acknowledged in the face of ye Court both by the executor Mr. Jo:Christian and also by Mr. William Christian his son to be the same and noe other, And further to have been xxxxx by him the said Mr. William Christian, and delivered in his presence with cor---- codicils[?] annexed written by him by the desire and direction of the said Testator his father, Therefore, and by consent of all parties is certified. Probatum est et Solvit 11s. The executor Mr. Jo: Christian has taken his oath in Court the said day to perform his fatherís will, and to pay all legacies and debts as same as his own goods will extend unto in xxx particular excepting the sum of 40s yearly left to his daughter Jane of KK Maughold out of the profits of the Bushops Third of KK Christ Lezehre which the said executor xxxxxxx to have been estated formerly ou---- and his son Mr. Ed:Christian, as by several Court xxxx xxxx under the said Testators hand he will make to xxx which is left to further trial by the Court. [next page:] The said executor together with Mr. Rich:Stevenson, Mr. Ed:Christian, and Mr. William Huddlestone have bound themselves to perform all things as aforesaid, and to secure the office sub poena 1000 pounds xx xxx xxxxx. It further appears by the oath of Sir William Oates and Margrett Elletson that the within Testator Mr Ewan Chrsitian left and bequeathed unto his son Mr. William Christian Rnead[?] the sum of 50 pounds. It is also deposed by Mr. William Christian Reneuil[?, same as above ĎRneadí] and Sir William Oats that the said Testator left 1 pound to Mary Christian als Teare daughter of Daniel Christian xxx and besides 20 shillings mentioned, and expressed in his said will. 5 Jan: 1655: William Gellin of KK Braddan entereth his claim against the executor of Mr Ewan Christian for the sum of 1 pound sterling due to him as part of por--- promised him by the said Mr Ewan, and craveth tryall. [next page] ([page] 53): Legacies left by my father which are to be added as xxxx[?codicil] to the will written by xxxxxxxxx before my father xxxxx and my brother deemster. To Erasmus Townsen which he caused to bee altered in his will, when it was read unto him 5 pounds; To his supposed son Henry 25 pounds; To his grandchild George Christian the mayrs due from my cousin Wm Quayle with the interest thereof being 64 pound; Xxxx To his grandchild George Christian which is due from Baronett Curwen 100 pounds, and until it be paid per anno 06 pounds; To his son Mr. John Christian the moneys due unto himself from his grandchild Mr. Ed: Christian vidz 150 pounds; To Jo: Sulbie 2 heifers; To his son Lieutenant Wm Christian the sheep, beds, bedstead, and sheets; To George Christian his grandchild a black mare; xxx To him and Jo:Christian his son all his cloaths xxxxx or woolse[?], jointly; To his son William Christian sworne by Sir Wm Oats and Margret Ellettson 50 pounds; Item, to him boestow[?] Margrett Ellettson and Bessie xxxx[blot on page covers much of short word] Christian xxx. [next page per microfilm copy] 25 August 1656: Mr. Wm Christian Governor and Recorder General of this Isle for himself and in the behalf of his children entereth his claime against Mr. Jo:Christian of Milntown Deemster executor of his father Mr. Ewan Christian for the sum of one thousand pounds sterling, and craveth trial according to Law. Mr. Ewan Curghey and his children entereth their claime against the said executor for 5 pounds date ut supra. He left his daughter Ellinor to be disposed in marriage by the consent of his son Jo. Christian deemster and the son Wm Christian and her mother Margrett Ellettson. Item, to Mary Christian four pound, xxx[?2] addition to affirmes[?]. John Christian Deemster executor to his father certified entereth his claim against these persons following: [most of this next part was hard for me to read so I have written down only what I could read with some completeness; it appears to be debts owed to Ewan Christian] xxxxxxxxxxxx due to my father xxxxxx 1652 and 1652. xxxxx Christian 6 pounds 3s 4d. Due by bills: xxxx Christian 1 pound; Sir Edward Crowe 1 pound; Item xxxx of xxxx for xxxxxx 1 pound 6pence; uxor Jo:Creer Glenxxxx 1pound; Peter Robinson 1 pound; Item for Mcdlucey[?] 2 pounds; Christian of KK Chonchan[?] 5shillings; xxx Killy of Marown 5s; Garrett ney lurgy xxx 4d; Pecever[?] Smith 3pound 3s3d. [next page per microfilm copy] Mr. Deemster Christian enters his claim against these persons following: Sir Paul Hurls[?] 5 pounds; Mr. Arthur Bacley[?] 15 pounds; Sir Ed: Crowe 2 pounds 10 shillings; Peter Robinson 2 pounds; Mr Wm Crinall[?] 50 pounds. I do hereby certifie (upon it may remaene[?]) that a proclamation was made in the parish church of KK Marowne that if any person did claime any debt as due from Mr. Ewan Chrstian deceased they xxx would appeare at Castletown upon Monday the first of Jan: 1656. To testifie this I have subscribed my name, Will: Oates. Janury 4th 1656. [next page per microfilm copy] ([page] 54) xx January 1655: Margrett Elletson, and Elizabeth Christian have this day taken their corporal oaths in Court, That Mr. Ewan Christian deceased, in the time[?] of his visitation at Ranolsway caused significant trouble cost and charges that thereby happened to his son Mr. William Christian, as also the loss he sustained by being hindered from the performution[?] of his own affaires especially in the best[?] time of harvest, Therefore in that respect he the said Mr. Ewan Christian left of his own accord to his said son Mr. William Christian Receiver for and in consideration of his said trouble, cost and charges the sum of 20 pounds sterling without the xxxxxx motion, or recitation[?] of the said Mr. Christian, witness their subscriptions, Margret Elletson her mark M, Elizabeth Christian her mark xx. Itm, further, These codicils before sett down as will those not sworn by consent of everyone as those sworn by the Court are annexed, and proved as a part of the will. [next page per microfilm copy] 9 April 1656: Mr. Jo: Christian Deemster executor of Mr. Ewan Christian late Deemster deceased enters his claim against Capt Hen:Moore of KK Marowne for the just sum of six pounds sterling due to him by the death of his said father as appears by specialty under the hand of the said Henry, and craveth tryall according to Law. 10 April 1656: Lieutenant William Christian enters his claim against Mr. Jo:Christian of Miltown Deemster executor to his father Mr. Ewan Christian for comenge in his xx xxx absence to the house of Ballahutche, and taking away the--- several xxxxx writeninges and xxxxxx which as he co----- belong to him whereby he is xxxxxxxx the value of 700 pounds and craveth trial according to Law. The Said Mr. Wm Christian in the behalf of Mrs. Isabell Pennington entereth his claim against the said executor for the sum of 300 pounds sterling and craveth tryall according to Law. [next page per microfilm copy] 1st April 1656: Mr. Jo: Christian Deemster exector of his father Mr. Ewan Christian entereth his claim against Lieutenant William Christian for the sum of sixty odd pounds and craveth tryall. A---- Duglas 11th April 1656: This day Hen: Moore appeared and acknowledged the debt mentioned in the account before set down, but further saith and it is also alledged by Lieutenant Will Christian, that the said Hen Moore came to a further agreement at the time of the payment of ye said sum for further forbearance with the said Mr. Ewan Christian, which was that the said Hen: Moore should give three day motz of hay as a mortgage in lieu of the said sum and also to receive the sum of four pounds more and therefore due to him the said Lieutenant by the last will of his deceased father, which being a contract for said doth not properly appear to this Court, Therefore it is referred to a temporal tryall in[?] 4]?14] days time is given according to Law to prove the said Contract, And in case the said bargain is not proved, and approved of bisome[?, bifore] the situation[?] above said Then the said Hen Moore is ordered by this Court to satisfy the said rest of 6 pounds to the said executor xxxxxxxx of such penaltye as by d------- of Law may be taken against him. It, Upon the outcoming of the claim of Lieutenant William Christian against the executor Mr. Jo:Christian for the taking away from the house of Ballahuts xx certain papers, excripts and writings without his prior xxx, whereby he is daminyfyed[?] to the xxxxx xxx 700 pounds as appears, The xxxx or hath in xxxx[lower right corner torn] face of the Court taken a voluntary oath that he took noe paper evidence or writing that did any way coadun[?] to the Advancement of the estate of the said Lieutenant, but only some letters of passages that passed betwixt him and his said father and a co--rp---- of the conveyance of Whinfeild in Cumberland; and desires in respect of his present dispute for England, That his said oath may be recorded and annexed to the said account[?] which the Court hath accepted of accordingly the day and year above said. 11th September 1656: Mr. Wm Quayle of Douglas entereth his claime against ye executor of Mr. Ewan Christian for the sum of 12 pounds sterling and prayeth tryall according to Law. Ferdinando Fox entereth his claim against the said executor for the grassing of 2 cows 12 years and the use of 40 pounds for 20 years and craveth trial according to Law, dat ut supra. 7th 9ber 1656: Nicholas[?] Christian entereth his against the said executor of 10 pounds. xx 10ber 1656: Ellin Christian entereth her claime against Lieutenant Wm Christian for certaine goods and household stuff due to her by the last will and testament of her deceased father Mr. Ewan Christian and xxxxxx by the said Lieutenant and craveth xxxx itís the benefit of the Law."




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