Will 1653 Malew, of John Bridson of Ballavarvane, died 13 January 1652/3:

"Malew 1653: John Bridson of Ballavervant dep[ar]ted this liefe the xiijth of Januarie 1652 the court havinge intelygence thereof haith decreed his daughter Christian Bridson unmaried Administratrix and she to pay the debts as farr as the goods will extend unto the rest of the children art maried and haith there [portion] a legasie to the [wief?] on sight of the inventorie. Salvo tamen…. suo iure. Decretum est at soluitt xviiijd. The Inventorie of John Bridson prized by 4 sworne men, the goods prized beinge debtless doeth amount to 4s and vd, the executor is at lawfull years and haith put in securitie her brother Jo: Bridson and William Taggart to keepe the …. harmeless, in double the value. Pledges Jo: Bridson, William Taggart" –transcribed by Michael Bridson, 2002, MM: EW13/112 & EW13/288




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